What Can I Blog About?

THE most frequent question I am asked is “what is appropriate to be blogged about.”  I think it is safe to say that almost every subject has been more than frequently written about, discussed and blogged by now.

Before you get despondent, you must also remember that a large proportion of people who begin blogs on a whim end up dropping them again very quickly.   A lot of information lies dormant with few, if any views going to it.  A lot of that information is good quality and would be well worth reading, but what is the point of having it there if nobody can find it?

Blogging takes commitment and time.  Being prepared with your blog is the best thing that you can do for yourself.   I can’t tell anyone else what to blog about, any more than I could possibly tell them what to eat every day of their lives.

You need to decide what topic that you can realistically keep up with and remain interested in, and work from there.    I used to worry about being able to find things to blog about, but it was an unnecessary worry as I have never been stuck for a blog subject.

My personal blogging life is within the parenting blog arena.  I run a fairly successful blog, that has a good readership base, and has built up a good rapport with a reasonably engaged Social Network.  I never run out of topics to blog about.  In that respect, I chose a good sector of the blogging market to slot myself into.

Using the parenting blog arena as a starting point, I found that as a Niche, the parenting one is very diverse.    It lies as the parent category, and underneath it, there is the huge potential to blog about almost ANYTHING.

A parent who blogs.  How simple is that?

Think about the things that you like, or the things that you do, or the things that you would like to do.   Now realistically try to think up a month worth of topics you could post within that category.  If you can do that easily, and you think you could keep coming up with new topics to talk about, you just may have found your Niche in the blogging world.

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