Twitter Mistakes. How NOT to behave.

It’s hugely tempting in the world of Internet behaviour, and blogging, to try to elevate your own status, without thinking of the status of others.  If we see our competitors, as also our friends, it is quicker and easier to move forward with some positive aspects of using social media.

Anyone who uses twitter can find themselves on the wrong side of opinions, and to make things easy, I’ve listed 10 of the most non-inclusive behaviours that any Twitter fan can be guilty of.

Using these behaviours is the fastest way to find yourself with a falling follower count :

1.  Expect people to read your tweets and comment on them, but never read or comment on anyone else’s unless they are a celebrity or a PR that you want to target.

2.  Never say anything that doesn’t advertise your business or your blog by doing product reviews and sales pitches because you are the most important person on Twitter.

3.  Complain about free services that you don’t have to use when you don’t get high enough ratings.

4.  Complain about how few people are commenting on the website you are advertising, or your blog.

5.  Pretending that you don’t blog for statistics or readers and just to give other people information they might find useful.

6.  Take offence if anyone unfollows you.

7.  Unfollow everyone that has a different opinion to you, and get aggressive when they dare to ask why so you can get the sympathy vote with your own followers.

8.  Complain when people ask you to follow them back.  You like having a much higher follower count to those you are following.

9.  Don’t reply to everyone who @mentions or @directmessages you.   They take up too much time.

10.  Celebrity name drop and try to win status by pretending to have status  – it might rub off on you.  It doesn’t fool anyone.

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