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Our Christmas Package from Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. came up with a couple of grown up DVD’s that 2 of my boys will watch.

In the little pack, I have:

  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Three Candy Canes
  • Three Chocolate Figures.

It’s always nice that Warner Bros. remembers I have three boys.

The Dark Knight Rises also comes with Ultraviolet that allows me to take the film with me, and not leave me tied to a DVD player.

As always, the DVD’s are available reasonably from Amazon.

A little bit about them.

The Dark Knight Rises

It has been eight years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything for what he and Commissioner Gordon both hoped was the greater good. For a time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act.

 But everything will change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar with a mysterious agenda. Far more dangerous, however, is the emergence of Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans for Gotham drive Bruce out of his self-imposed exile. But even if he dons the cape and cowl again, Batman may be no match for Bane.

New Years Eve

“New Year’s Eve” celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, with intertwining stories told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year.  With Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, Jon Bon Jovi, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hillari Swank – and even more, it certainly is full of big names.



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Warner Bros. Halloween Box for 2012, including Ultraviolet

Alas, our Halloween box for 2012 was a little late, so I couldn’t do a lovely thank you on the 31st October to Warner Bros.   It didn’t matter for the kids as they were still highly delighted with the box of goodies.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it that kids never get too old for things like Scooby Doo and Ben 10, even if they pretend they are.

We have a birthday boy on Guy Fawkes night, so the boys are saving their bottles of bubbles for then.  Thank you Warner Bros. for remembering I have three boys and for sending three bottles of bubble maker.

The movies that my boys are going to enjoy for middlers birthday are:

  • Lego Hero Factory – Savage Planet
  • Tom and Jerry – Trick & Treats
  • Ben 10 – Destroy All Aliens
  • Big Top Scooby Doo – Original Movie

The boys have decided the cat mask was a little too girly, so it is being donated to our local special needs school, along with the Lego Hero Factory movie after my boys have watched it.

That means something for the girls, and something for the boys.  I’m sure they will absolutely love a wee gift.

Our box was missing the stickers so we couldn’t make any Halloween cards, but the boys didn’t know the stickers were meant to be there, so they’re still chuffed to bits with movies, sweets and bubbles.

A couple of the movies have Ultraviolet, which is new to me.  Ultraviolet says that the movie can be instantly streamed and downloaded with instant access to the movies on computers, tablets and smartphones.   It can also be shared with up to 5 friends or family members.  I signed up by using Facebook to join Flixter and then was able to download the movie.

Adding a movie to a new account was pretty simple, and it means that I can play it on my iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and store it in the cloud.    There are apps on iTunes and Android markets to get to our movies, so it seems a much easier way that actually taking up loads of space on our devices to keep them there.

Playback looks easy enough, so it seems a great way to keep movies to hand to watch over 3G or wifi.  I had no idea this even existed, and I can imagine I will look out for it in future.

Thank you again to Warner Bros.  Your packages always make for a lovely surprise arriving at our door.   If anyone is interested in buying any of the movies, they are all available on Amazon, at really good prices.