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Review: Sports Socks that DON’T Fall Down

Little grippers are the sports socks that don’t fall down.  Thanks to a special material in the top, they stay up – all the time.

Little Grippers 1

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched football matches with my kids and the kids seem to spend as much time pulling their socks up as they do running around.

They have a special elasticated ankle support with micro venting and an elasticated foot support.   The size is on the front of the sock which makes it easy to find a match in the never-ending single sock cycle that ends up with us trying madly to find a whole pair of anything.

Little Grippers 4

The special section at the top which keeps the socks up feels quite rubbery to the touch, yet manages to go on easily enough.

Little Grippers 5

I didn’t think they would have my boys size at first, as the name little grippers sounded like it was just for little children, but the size medium fits a youth shoe size 3-6, while a large fits an adults size 7-11, so they make little grippers to suit everyone.

Little Grippers 2

Little grippers come in White, Black, Navy, Red, and Royal Blue – so they fit almost any football or sports kit going.  They’ve been fabulous for my kids training sessions and I took red and black pairs as they match the kids of the teams my kids play for and are great for training sessions.

There are special orders for Amber and Bottle Green, and hopefully they’ll have more colours in the future.