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A Camera Dilemma – Canon v Nikon – A Shot in the Dark

I have had a really hard choice this week.  I have spent more hours than I care to remember looking at Cameras.  I have dragged my kids from pillar to post to weigh them up and potter about with them, whenever I could.  

I had decided on this one – the Nikon D90, and went to order it. 

Unfortunately I did something wrong somehow, and it ends up that it is out of stock at the moment, and will be back in stock over the next few weeks.    I didn’t want to wait for a camera – as I have serious camera envy at the moment – of ANYONE who has a nice DSLR.

I went and retrawled the shops, and came across this – The Canon EOS 550D.  I loved the video capabilities of it, and was almost at the point of purchase, when………the salesman graciously decides to tell me that there is a new camera coming out this week.

The Canon EOS 600D with the swivel screen.

At this point, I am tempted to hang up my camera seeking self for a week or two and then come back to it.  I now have no idea what to choose.

It looks like poeple end up being loyal to the first brand of camera they buy, as the lenses are so expensive.   It’s a minefield.   Who knew that buying a camera would be so complex.   I am so confused by them all, that I think I am just going to pick the cheapest one out of all of them and live with it.