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Sloppy Joes Wrap Recipe with Piedmontese Beef

Sloppy Joes food is actually quite simple and easy to make.   We don’t have to be expert cooks to rustle up something as quick and easy as this.  It’s more known as Sloppy Joe from America and usually involves some kind of ground beef, vegetables and tomato ketchup type sauce bases.

I was lucky enough to try some of the lower fat than chicken beef which is Piedmontese.

I had 500g of mince and a plan to feed all 6 of us with it.  It was exceptionally easy.

Sloppy Joes Wraps

Lesley Smith
Course Mains


  • 500 g Piedmontese Mince
  • Halfl Water
  • 200 g Onions
  • 1 carton Tomato Passata
  • 400 g Mushrooms
  • 200 Baby Sweetcorn
  • LettuceWashed
  • 8 Tortilla Wraps


  • Wash the lettuce, chop the onions and cut sweetcorn into pieces.
  • Put mince and onions with a little salt to taste on a moderate heat in a thick bottomed pan with no fat added. PIedmontese is very lean, but it can still take the beginning of browning. Use a wooden spoon to separate the mince in the pan as it browns.
  • Mushrooms can be cooked separately or added to the onions and mince in the pan. I cook them separately in a small pan.
  • When the mince is browned, add just enough boiled water to give a couple of mm depth and let the water finish cooking the mince. If you need to top up, add just a little at a time. Let it simmer for 10 minutes and add a carton (400g) of tomato passata. Allow the mixture to simmer. If it gets too thick, just add a couple of tablespoons to the pan.
  • Heat up the tortilla wraps, and serve in bowls for everyone to help themselves from.