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What Is Pancake Day? Tues 4th Mar 2014

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This year, pancake day falls on the 4th of March.

Traditionally, Pancake Day, or what is often called Shrove Tuesday in the UK, is the day before Ash Wednesday and signals the start of Lent.

Typically, the word shrove means to confess all your sins and it is often known as pancake day as it was a great way to clear the cupboards before the fast of Lent by using up milk, butter and eggs which are not allowed during Lent.

We’ve all heard of the Mardi Gras carnival.  That’s a Shrove Tuesday event, as is the well-known carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

The Christian season of Lent is to prepare for Easter.  As a non religious family, it’s always surprising to me to find out the holidays and customs which so often seem tied in to historic Christian practice.

Lent begins around 40 days before Easter (not including Sundays)

During Lent, lots of Christians go through a period of fasting and repentance to have enough time to reflect on Jesus Christ, his suffering and the sacrifice he made.

Although not all Christians follow or stick to Lent, and it doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the bible, I do hear people giving up things for Lent.  A tweeter gave up Twitter for Lent a couple of years ago which I found a little strange as i thought it was about repenting on sins, and I’ve not thought of Twitter as a sin.

Perhaps it’s very hypocritical of me to enjoy making pancakes for Pancake Day, but like Christmas, it has no religious meaning in our home, and is celebrated just for what it is.  A day for making pancakes.

Whatever it means to you, have a lovely day and make lots of great pancakes.

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