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Review: Captain America Nerf Slide Blast Armour, Magnetic Shield & Gauntlet

This is a great wee duo. Captain America is possible for two to play….

One child can happily wear the magnetic shield and gauntlet, allowing them to fend off the foam darts of the Nerf Slide Blast Armour when they comes flying toward them.


Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the youngest ones who began to play with this initially….  Scottish Dad and the oldest teen got their hands on the goods first, and decided to have a good old shoot out.  It was pretty cool to see to big strapping lads play like little kids again……

The man did have a little trouble fitting the Nerf Slide Blast Armour onto his hand, but with careful shuggling, he managed just fine.

I’ve got three boys, and two nephews, so Nerf products are always well received in our house.  I don’t think age is a barrier to enjoying these.  At my sister in law’s house a couple of weeks ago, the kids, and by kids, I mean the grown up men, as well as the kids, ran about with Nerf guns, whacking the bullets off each other.

Even mum was able to get a few choice shots in with one of the rapid fire guns…..  Who says Nerf is just for pre-teens?


For ages 6-10 (plus all grown ups).

These toys are great for all good superhero fans…..

Toysrus Hasbro Captain America Civil War Iron Man Slide Blast Armour.
The Nerf Iron Man Slide Blast Armour toy is from the Captain America film, and a 2  year old even enjoyed himself with the armour here.   The armour covers almost the whole arm of a child, clipping over the arm.  You pull the trigger, hold down one button and then press the other to release the darts, which go a good few feet before falling gracefully to the ground if the miss their target.  The fire action isn’t hugely powerful, so they landed without causing damage here, although they did end up being fired towards the ceiling on occasion.

Toysrus Hasbro Captain America Civil War Shield and Gauntlet.
The shield and gauntlet is in two pieces.  One piece goes on the arm, and the shield part snaps onto the gauntlet fairly firmly.  I like how the shield comes off if a little one gets caught in a door etc, as the magnet releases.   It’s fairly tough stuff, and kids can pop on and remove the shield without having to remove the arm gauntlet all the time.  We did initially have an issue with the shield falling off easily, but found we hadn’t put it on right in the first place.

The descriptions tell us the shield can be thrown just like Captain America does.  We found it tricky to get it to work like a frisbee, but it was easy to pull off and throw.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to throw the shield back onto the gauntlet

With these toys, kids can role play as characters from the film.  All they need to do, is snap on their goods and save the world at home, by pretending to be one of the best super heros ever imagines, blasting into fabulous imaginative play, which is always good for kids.

If only we could invent super powers to finish the complete package…..

Where to buy.

Available from all good toy stores, including Toysrus and Amazon.  As of 12 October, 2016, the Shield is currently on offer at £11.99, with the Slide Blast Armour at £19.99.

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Disclaimer:  Thanks to Hasbro for the Captain America Nerf Slide Blast Armour, Magnetic Shield and Gauntlet, which we received free of charge to test as part of the Toy Tribe.  All opinions are our own.