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LVL Enhance – LVL Lashes – The Lash Lift

Anyone who knows me, knows my eyelashes have always grown to hate me.  Awful, rotten straight things they are.  I’ve spent years, and pounds on ways to get them to curl, even slightly, and then, when I got glasses, the blooming things bashed off my lenses.

I must have had awful straight lashed ancestors, with awful straight lashed partners somewhere down the line, for mine to be so terribly pathetic.  I ended up with curly hair on my head and these poker straight things on my face.  How unfair is that!

Anyway, I’ve tried heated lash curlers, pincer ones, and once spent a fortune on a pair that looked more like a surgical implement, and all they did was curl the very ends up enough to not hit my glasses, but I had to do it about three or four times a day.

I stand there squeezing the lash curler as hard as I can, trying desperately to bend the lashes at the bottom, and after about four tries, they stop hitting my lenses, until they fall that is, and that doesn’t take long at all.  And this is all that happens.  This.  Absolutely rubbish and nothing like everyone I see out and about with gorgeous and curled lashes..  Pathetic, it really is.  Even curled, they still look pretty straight, and flat.  There was no life in them at all.  Ever.


I have, on occasion, gone for lash extensions for a special occasion but I hated them.  They itched my eyes like mad and I always ended having to pull them out, like some whirling dervish, rubbing oil into my sockets to release the bonds.  Messy business.

I’ve tried lash perms and got nowhere.  Sat there with my eyes immobile for half an hour, with lots of expectation and nowt more happened to my lashes.  What a waste of money that was.  I’m cursed, really I am, with eyelashes from hell.

Look at these.  No mascara and no curling involved here.


Now you see why they’re so awful.  Yup, vain…  Of course.  I don’t mind being a little vain now and then. I’ve got to the age where I’d like a little more help.

I gave it one more try.  And didn’t actually expect anything.  Half-hearted, I found my closest consultant and drove along there to get my patch test, which came back ok.

The consultant tried to explain that the small lash lift shield might raise my eyelashes too much.  I knew it wouldn’t, so in the end, although she was reluctant, I managed to persuade her to do the small shield, after getting them tinted a nice blue/black colour.

And when I’d sat there for what seemed like forever, I expected very little when I opened my eyes.  I did feel a little disappointed, as it wasn’t the effect I’d secretly been pining for all my life, but hey, they lifted, but they’d gone straight up from the roots.

I had a plan.

If the root was curled, them another session a few weeks later, would leave that already curled root further up my lash…  I’ve fairly long lashes, so mine probably hug the roots for longer than most people.  I went for it.

Only four weeks later, I rocked up to get them done again, this time on a medium shield, with the hope they’d lift the root, and leave the previously lifted roots to curl a bit at the ends.


Hey hey hey, I feel like dancing.  Ok, close up they look a little straggly here.  I just need to brush them out a bit, but I’ve finally got the lashes I wanted, and they stay like that.  I even wake up with them like this, and it’s two weeks after this last treatment.

And with a little make up for a night out, I feel like a proper girlie, with proper eyelashes…….  For the first time ever.  Finding LVL Lashes in Aberdeen is fairly easy, so if you’re worried about it, give it a go.

Now if anyone had ever told me it was actually possible for me to achieve this level of lash lift, I’d never have believed them……  Noveau Lash Enhance is what it’s called for those of you, like me, who’ve given up on ever having eyelashes without the glue……

They’re so good, I’d love to be able to do them.  I might even take the course myself……

They straighten from the roots, rather than trying to curl lashes, which is ideal for people like me.  The lash tint also gives them a permanent mascara effect, so my lashes look fine with that for the first few weeks, when I begin to start needing mascara again.

They say 6-8 weeks for the regular lash lift, is about the time you’d need to go back.  To keep my straighties topped up, I’d likely need them more often than that, but I’m not complaining.  I know I lost some of my eyebrows and eyelashes when my thyroid messed up, but I’m hoping that some more grow back over time, as they do look a little sparse, but hey, I love them whatever.

And gosh, close ups are scary….