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Gagging Orders / Superinjunctions

I really don’t care at all about the supposed footballer and his inability to stay faithful to his wife. It is sad to say, that if we, (the general public) were to judge by the frequency of news stories and infidelity, it seems almost an expectation of the job WAG.

I don’t understand the argument about the unfairness of him silencing the girl because he could afford to. She knew what she was getting into. She wasn’t hoodwinked into believing he was young, free, and single.

What does bother me is the ridiculous effect it is having on the perception of us as a country.

Someone needs to explain to me how someone can be prosecuted, or jailed for telling “the truth” about someone, when they have not been part of the injunction, nor have been notified that they are under the order.

The media, I can understand. The woman silenced, I can understand. But don’t the people who are subject to the order need to be personally notified of what they are not allowed to talk about? Doesn’t that then mean the injunction breaks the law?

How can you personally notify millions of people all over the world that they are subject to an injunction, because then you have to tell them what they are not allowed to talk about. I missed my personal mailing. I wonder if anyone else got one.

And how can twitter reveal the users of the accounts when you can register using throwaway email addresses. You can use web cafes’ and unregistered mobile phones. Wouldn’t those first few pioneers in the dishing the dirt have stayed untraceable?

The lawyers and the courts are making us into laughing stocks with these orders.   Now the tax payer is also going to have to fund the costs of upholding these empty orders.  

What a waste.

I think about the care that has been taken away from our worlds abused, disadvantaged and disabled, and consider the publicly earned money that these piece of dross legal gravy trains are are going to cost us, and that makes me very angry indeed.