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Quick and Easy Chocolate Fudge

This is the easy recipe for chocolate fudge that I got off of a tin of Nestle Condensed milk.  I don’t usually do much in the way of  potted recipes and this one is VERY sweet, but I thought I would share the results of how it came out.


400g chocolate
397g tin condensed milk
25g butter
100g icing sugar
55g sugar strands / chopped nuts etc for decoration

Put chocolate, condensed milk and butter into a bowl and microwave until all melted.  Take out of micro at 10 – 20 second intervals and stir well until it is very smooth.

When nice and smooth, beat in sieved icing sugar (if you don’t sieve it, it will go into lumps).

I used little cake cases, but the recipe calls for a tray bake.  I got 40 little sweets in the cases.  When the mixture is in, sprinkle on the sugar strands or chopped nuts.

Put in fridge for about an hour.

Hey presto.


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Thai Style Crackers – Sweet Chilli Flavour from Asda 60g

Now these are just a little bit of heaven.  Quite spicy and like prawn crackers without the ickiness for me.    Although I absolutely love prawn cocktail flavoured Walkers crisps, I am not a fan of any brand prawn crackers.   They just seem too fishy for me.

I know, I know, I can hear you all laugh as me saying prawns taste a bit fishy to me.

These Sweet Chilli crackers are really spicy, and I am someone who is not usually into things that are too hot, and I do need a drink of water or juice beside me to eat these, but I really did enjoy them.

The best bit for me has to be that it is quite a big bag of crackers, and at 60g, it’s not too shoddy an amount to sit and actually eat.

Per 20g
Calories 82 – so that makes it a reasonable 246 calories for the WHOLE bag.

As a crisp addict, these are just perfect for me.