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Beautiful Blogs Collection

Beautiful Blogs – I have a page on my blog that is compiling a list of goreous blogs for me, and for others to share.  There is the option to share yours, just by filling in the form to add your link.  You can choose to add the code to a post on your blog, and then you will have the same list.

If you want to be added, but are struggling to get it to work, send me your email and blog address to, or DM me it on twitter at @scottish_mum.

You have to follow me on google connect for me to keep the link to you in my collection.   Apart from that, I will google connect all those who sign up for the collection.  Take note, any blogs that sign up, and who are not relevant to my blog, or contain inappropriate material, I will be removing from the list.  If you are in doubt, send me an email to ask.

Go to my beautiful blog collection page which will remain permanently on the blog.  click here