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Country Kids & The New Allotment

For Country Kids this week, I thought a picture of the fledgling family allotment would be a good idea.  The man’s friend has had an allotment for a while, and the one next to his became available.  It’s not much money a year, so he decided to take the plunge and take on the overgrown eyesore next to his pal.

As the man helped his pal clear his allotment, he now has to return the favour on ours.

Some tree roots needed dug out, and old carpets seem to have been sewn into the land, and need digging up.   So, the pair of them along with 5 kids descended on the patch of over – run ground and got stuck in.

The two smallest kids were more interested in work watching, so I don’t think they did very much, but the bigger kids all had to take their turn at the spade.  I am hoping that they will be lovely and tired tonight.

There’s a musty old shed that needs taking down, so I’m sure that will be replaced by a new shed he builds himself after a while.  In the meantime, he is using his friend’s one which is much better.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



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Country Kids and the Army Cadets

I keep meaning to do more of these, but time always seems to find a way to slip past me, and I love Coombe Mill’s website, so I’ve finally managed another Country Kids post.   We had a drive through to Huntly and the river Deveron at the weekend, and the kids spent ages skimming stones on the river.

The photos are from my old iPhone 3GS so you really do have to forgive the lack of quality, but hey, it was a weekend away, so I guess that means I was allowed to relax the good photo rules.

So, where do the Army Cadets come in.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Two of my boys spent a fair time with an army cadet, asking her all about it.  By the time they had finished talking, they were all up for joining the cadet force in Aberdeen to get their hands on some guns (heaven forbid).  Suffice to say that I’ve been asked to check it out for them as a hobby to add to their karate.  Somehow they’ve got the impression that being in the cadets is a reason to be seen as a “hard nut and shooting perfectionist.”

Needless to say, I’ve requested the information about the battalions in Aberdeen and there are several to choose from, so one of mine might get a chance at getting his hand on a gun and marching in time.   It certainly will mean getting involved, plenty of activities and some face paint and guns.  Discipline will also be at the front of it all, and respect for others.

What’s not to love for a boy by doing it, and the benefits for me as a parent could be quite high?

Over and out.