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Aberdeen Beach

We tried to find a way to amuse the kiddos on Tuesday, which saw us visit Transition Extreme. It is a skatepark for BMX’ers, skateboarders and climbers

My boys need to do the training before they are allowed to enter the park, so it was disappointment all round as I booked them in for next week as there were no slots left for this week.

Leaving TA with dejected faces, I took them to Codonas. It has long been the little carnival that is resident in our little home City.

I’m sharing some of the pictures of the only sunny day we’ve been privy to for three weeks now.

Beware.. When you buy a Codonas wrist band for the day, you get a ticket entitling you to a free kids meal for every adult meal purchased. When you try to order it, you are pointed to a large board with a corrected statement that says you only get a kids main course.

They refuse to honour the ticket.

Apart from that, it was a lovely afternoon for the boys.