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Sponsored: Squeezing in another holiday this year?

The thing we do as a family is to go holidaying in the UK.   We plan to take a few short breaks in 2013, and we’ve already had one.    As caravanners, we appreciate the ability to do as we please, and still have a nice comfy base to go back to when we’re finished sightseeing, playing, or just popping around the local area for the day.

Skyline Pavilion Minehead

We’ve not made it to Butlins yet, but talking to the rep at Cybermummy 2011, I was tempted to put my hat in the ring as a blog ambassador, but decided it was too far for us to go several times in one year.  My kids love the holiday camp style entertainment centres although they take a bit of getting used to for me, so we do go at least once a year to one of them.

Holiday camps are great for kids and to keep them busy, there are lots on offer at Butlins resorts.

Although there have been many changes over the history of Butlins since it opened in 1936, the current resorts are:

Bognor Regis

Which hosts three hotels and can be found in West Sussex, beside the South Downs.


In Somerset, right in the hub of Exmoor, with lovely beaches.


Skegness is THE first Butlins resort and is in Lincolnshire.  Skegness would be the closest one to us and the one we’d think about visiting in the future, so I’ve concentrated on what they would have to offer for us as a family.


With a choice of rooms or apartments at Skegness, there seems to be a price point for any family with standard, silver and gold options.


There is a new splash waterworld,  with fast flumes, a shallow beach area and family raft rides, my kids would be well catered for here.  With football coaching on offer, I think two of my boys would be kept well amused for hours on end.

Fairground Attractions

Butlins have carousels and other rides to keep kids happy.  There are no extra charges for the outdoor fairground and rides are thankfully free.   Although it wouldn’t be appropriate for my kids as they’re older, there is also an indoor funfair just for kids under 5.

Live Shows

With Reds and Centre Stage to choose from, there will a range of live music and dance shows.    There are loads to choose from, including Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam for kids, and all included in the price of the holiday.  The traditional and famous red coats also take a turn at putting on their own shows, so there seems to be something for everyone.  The live shows would be what kept my special needs child entertained for hours on end, so this may be worth a long drive and a visit from us.


No holiday would be a holiday without food choices, the more the merrier.  Butlins gives plenty options for eating on site.

For a daily charge, there is food on offer in the buffet restaurant.   Choose from stir fries, carveries, traditional and continental breakfasts and much much more.  Children even have their own buffet counter to choose from, though I suspect my growing boys would simply wolf down loads from the adults choices.


If you don’t want to take the kids, go with their live music weekends for over 18’s.

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