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Review: Aberdeen Altens Hotel High Tea

Aberdeen Altens LesleyMy family and I took a wee trip, courtesy of the Aberdeen Altens Hotel, along to theirs, and try the new High Tea offering.  I’m used to High Tea being more of a cake and sandwich affair with
a pot or two of tea thrown in, so having a meal as part of high tea was fairly interesting.

As per tradition, the first offering in the meal was a pot of tea and coffee, with some toast and butter as the starter.  High tea is served from 3 – 6pm, Thursday to Sunday, so it really is evening meal for most of us.

Aberdeen Altens Tea

The choices on offer for the high tea menu at the Aberdeen Altens Hotel, were quite varied.

  • Traditional stovies.
  • Gammon and egg.
  • Steak pie and mushy peas.
  • Haddock & tartare sauce.
  • Beef burger with smoked bacon and cheese.
  • Macaroni cheese.
  • Breaded scampi.

(All served with chips & salad)

  • Cold meat salad with your choice of ham, chicken or poached salmon.

Aberdeen Altens Scottish DadWhen I saw my middle boy’s meal, I was a bit jealous, I have to say.  He’d ordered gammon steak, and there was masses of it, as well as two perfectly cooked eggs.  I’d have forgone the chips, but the gammon was gorgeous.

I had to have a taste, and there was more food on his plate than he could even eat, and he is a big eater.  Even the man sitting opposite us commented about the gammon and egg dish as it was set down to my boy.

Aberdeen Altens Gammon

The Scottish dad went for fish, which he thoroughly enjoyed, so that’s always a boost, as he’s quite a fuss pot when it comes to his fish.  He did have a go at the gammon as well though, as he just couldn’t let any of it go to waste…..  The plateful of gammon above, just doesn’t show how much of it there was.

Aberdeen Altens Fish

My youngest went for the safe option for him, of the macaroni cheese.   He’s always going to be happy with a plateful of pasta, and nowhere can go wrong with offering it.

Macaroni Cheese

I chose the stovies, although they were served with the traditional oatcakes and beetroot, rather than chips, which I didn’t mind.  I love my oatcakes and much prefer them over chips any day.

Aberden Altens Stovies

To finish the meal, it’s a plate of warm scones with jam and cream.  I don’t think I know anyone who actually doesn’t like scones, and they were lovely.

Aberdeen Altens Scone

For £12.50 a head, it’s a lot of food.  I felt completely full afterwards, and thought it was value for money.  If there was anything I’d change, it would be to have more space to juggle the pots, cups and plates around…

It’s a fabulously filling three course evening meal at a reasonable price, and a good drop in option for locals wanting something a little different, but also not breaking the bank, while eating in comfortable surroundings.

I always judge a meal by the one final thought, and that’s whether I’d go back and pay for the same meal in the future.  I’d love to take my mum here.  She’d appreciate the quiet dining area, with plenty of choice, and the scone at the end, so yes, I’d go back.

When we were leaving, the Partick Thistle football team coach was just arriving.  One boy was kicking himself for finishing his meal too early, in case some of the players then came down to the bar, and he could have seen them close up…..   Out of luck this time round, and I’m sure the team were looking forward to a relaxing evening before their big match with Aberdeen.

When we lived in Cove, close to the hotel, we used to use the fitness centre, pool and sauna regularly.  I really missed it when we moved house, so it was nice to be back in familiar territory for the grown ups.   It’s been a long time since we’ve been to the hotel.

Disclaimer:  Thanks to the Aberdeen Altens Hotel who provided our meal free of charge, with no obligation to review.