Slow Cooker Curry Information

Making slow cooker curry is as easy as pie.  As a dish, it may well have begun on Indian shores as a way to disguise the flavour of meat that is going off, but we have adopted it the world over as a dish that is high on the list of all our food priorities.

Slow cooker chicken curry recipes are always going to be my favourite as I prefer chicken, but I know that I am going to have to up the stakes in future to try other meats to add to the blog.

Chicken recipes for slow cooker cooking are always easy and as with any meat used in a slow cooker, the ideal way to start is to seal the meat before adding it to the slow cooker.  When it has been slow cooked, it will be more tender and succulent that it would have if it was cooked quickly on the hob.

There are many ways to cook a curry, and further down the life of my blog, I hope to try some different methods.  I have cooked curry on low for 8 hours, and on high for 4 hours.  Make sure you know the wattage of your slow cooker as well.  I have a 320 watt cooker which cooks fast, but if your slow cooker is 180 – 200 watts, you may need your curry on a higher setting.

Slow cooker recipes are easy to come by these days, so hunt down your favourites and give them a try.

Lots of people use boned meat for their casseroles, stews and curries, but I would rather buy a cheaper cut of meat that is boneless, which will tenderise while it is in the slow cooker.

You can choose whether to use curry powder or curry paste in recipes.   Pastes tend to have more fresh ingredients in them and can give a nicer, more luxurious taste to your curry.  Curry powder is the Indian way of cooking and curry paste is more to do with the Thai style of cooking.  Personally, I like both, and it tends to be what I have in  my kitchen cupboard that makes the decision on what I will use to make a curry.

Cooking your powder or spice in the slow cooker allows the taste to improve.  I like to add coconut milk to all my curries to make them that little bit more mild, as that is how my children prefer them, but it isn’t necessary for most curries.

I often  make up the ingredients for the slow cooker the night before, and just keep them in the fridge, before throwing them in the slow cooking the next morning.  All I have to do at meal time, is put on the rice, and a hearty meal is ready.


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