My blog is PR friendly if your products or sevices fit in with the nature and themes of my blog.  I am happy to review products that are relevant to my content, but obviously if you want me to give a review, it would help if you provide me one to try out.

  • I will give an honest review of any product or service, and the content will require to be my own.
  • I won’t accept free guest posts that have links or brands in them.
  • I will allow adverts and sponsored slots and links where they fit with my own content.
  • If you wish to get in touch with me, please send me an email using my contact page.
  • I have a media pack, but I prefer to chat over e-mail rather than simply dish it out.

If you want to use my blog posts and poems, please leave me a comment on the post you wish to use, or contact me to ensure I am happy for the use you intend to put it to.

My poems and posts will be authorised as free for use by people who are using them for educational, charitable, and non-profit blogging  purposes.  If you want to use my poetry for commercial use, ie on a tea towel, or plate, or to print on any item for sale, you will be required to contact me and may be required to pay a fee paying license.

I take decisions case by case depending on the link that is asking to use them, and blog content.

Now for the necessary but not nice sentences.
I will never allow use of my poetry or poems for use on websites or products that advertise, or promote adult, products or information.   If you see any of my work in any location under this banner, then it has not been authorised and please let me know. Email Me.   

At random times, I will run copyscape checks to ensure my work is not used inappropriately

Thank you
Scottish Mum

2 thoughts on “PR’s

  1. Hiya
    Do u review new baby hampers and nappy cakes? Where are you based ?

    1. I’m sorry, my children are too old for this now.

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