How to blog in 10 simple steps.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear is the one asking how to blog…    Since it is a subject that is actually quite relevant, it is worth tackling on a regular basis.   Asking someone how to blog is akin to asking them what size clothes they wear.  It is a very personal thing, and also very dependent on the needs of the blogger.

Blogging for fun and blogging for business need not be much different so I have put together a 10 step simple list of getting started suggestions for how to blog.  For more information, you will have to subscribe to one of my Free Blogging Courses.

  1. Write about subjects that you have lots to write about, and that are relevant to your audience.   Would you want to listen to someone who usually blogs about food changing to a step by step guide on how to take a car apart?  Relevant content is important.
  2. Don’t sensationalise in your blogging.  Keep it simple, and keep it readable with conversational language.
  3. Experiment with different writing styles on your blog to find what is the most comfortable way of writing for you.
  4. Resist the urge to rant on a business blog.  Your audience wants to trust you.  Don’t give them reason not to.  They may think that the next person/company you rant about could be them.
  5. If you can write it in 5 paragraphs then do it.  Don’t add bulk to your writing just for the sake of a word count, as your readers will know it.
  6. A business blog may plan and schedule in blog posts to time events, offers and announcements.   Alternate the type of content you write to keep your audience interested.
  7. For business stay away from non topical news events.
  8. Let some of your personality shine through in your blog, but keep it sensible.
  9. Publicise your content on your social media network streams.
  10. Enjoy it.

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  1. Hi where do I find info on your free blogging courses? Thks Amy x

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