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A Moveable Feast: How to Plan the Best ‘Homemade’ Father’s Day

This piece (below) comes from Scottish food hamper business: Baxters of Scotland. Baxters of Scotland is part of the Baxters Food Group.

With summer around the corner, our desire to get outside grows stronger. So, how about instead of going to the same old restaurant or a pub, spending Father’s Day outside with the family?

The great outdoors brings a wealth of benefits, from improved sleep and stress relief to emotional wellness, so it’s no surprise that approximately 17 billion Brits engage in outdoor activities on the regular.

Katy Baxter, Head of Marketing at Baxters of Scotland: “Father’s Day – which lands on the eve of summer officially starting – is uniquely placed within the social calendar, with the promise of warmer weather and time spent outdoors with loved ones.”

“Giving the gift of a luxury hamper is not only a chance for him to enjoy all of his favourite treats but can also bring the family together over good food and outdoor activities.”

Here’s why you should make this Father’s Day a time for al fresco fun:

The Great Outdoors

Whether your dad is a regular active explorer or prefers spending time at home, everyone can enjoy the power of the great outdoors – be it a scenic hike or a leisurely picnic in the park.

Just a few hours in nature is shown to be an effective tool for alleviating stress while it’s also associated with better cognitive function – think better memory, attention, creativity and sleep quality.

The perfect remedy, then, to the stresses of the working week.

Katy continued: “A food hamper is the perfect excuse to escape the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature whether that’s by the beach or a more remote location.

“A well-curated hamper can be the focal part of your family get-together – whether you’re playing some outdoor games or just kicking back with a book or some snacks.”  

Time Together

Father’s Day is all about celebrating the bonds that hold families together.

Spending time outdoors offers a unique setting to strengthen these connections away from the family home and the stresses of the working week.

Katy said: “The warmer weather offers us plenty of opportunity to get out and into the outdoors. Pack your luxury hamper and head to your favourite local park. Roll out your picnic blanket, spread out on the grass, soak up some sun, and savour some gourmet treats.

“Or, if you’re more of an active lot, a lightweight hamper makes it easy to carry your moveable feast. Choose a scenic trail—whether along the coastline, through a lush forest or up a hill with panoramic views. Once you’ve reached your destination, crack open your treats and bask in the afterglow of your outdoor pursuits.”

The Food of Love

Of course, no celebration is complete without delicious food. A luxury picnic hamper comes replete with all your Dad’s favourite handpicked treats.

Finger food is a good shout as it minimises the need for utensils, so think sandwiches, wraps and pastries to keep you sustained through the day.

Of course, you’ll also want to include plenty of father’s favourites, so include some toffee, buttered shortbread or handmade chocolates for a sweet treat.

And, if you’re raising a glass, wash it down with a nice robust red or a crisp ale.


An appreciation of the great outdoors is a common trend across the country, and it’s easy to see why. Why not do things differently this Father’s Day with a luxury picnic out in nature, with good food, family time, and plenty of good times?


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