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How to Make a Playroom

This is a collaborative post.

When your kids start to grow up and become a little more independent, it can be a relief. As they begin to play imaginatively by themselves, you get a little of your life back, and are at least able to work around the house without needing to care for them every moment of the day.

This time of their lives comes with new responsibilities for their parents though: you need to make sure you they’re safe and stimulated even as they develop the capacity to keep themselves amused and pursue their own games and imaginative life. Today let’s look at some top tips for constructing a play room that will keep your young children safe and entertained.

Creating Space

The first you need to do is clear a space. Whether your play room is actually just a corner of your lounge, a basement, or a whole spare room you can devote the purpose, you need to make sure it’s not also being used for storage. You don’t want to run the risk of your newly strong and mobile child pulling an old box of clutter over on their head and hurting themselves. The whole idea of making a safe play space for your kids is that you’re able to leave them there for short periods and not worry about them!

So start by looking into storage options that let you clear out a room. If you look into byStored self storage you’ll find a well priced solution that also includes free pick up of your items to store so you don’t have to worry about driving them over – an extra advantage when you have a highly mobile and curious toddler to take care of.

Controlling Chaos

One issue of a creating a room for your children to play in is that’s prone to become a disaster area! While you can start teaching them to tidy up after themselves when they’ve finished playing, it doesn’t always go well with boisterous toddlers.

You can try and control the chaos by focusing it on specific areas. Turning one wall into a chalk board your toddlers can scribble on to their heart’s content is a good way to avoid finding original crayon artworks on other walls, or total chaos on the floor.

Similarly, if you cover the crates and boxes you keep your children’s toys and supplies in with thick brown paper, that gives them another safe place to draw, and really make the room feel their own!

One you’ve added their toys, and softened sharp corners with cushions, and other simple safety measures, you’ll have a playroom your children can enjoy to their heart’s content while you enjoy a few little periods of independence each day.

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