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Review: Antsy Labs Zuru Spinner and the amazing Fidget Cube

We received some samples of the new Antsy Labs Fidget Cube and Fidget Spinner.  To say two of my boys couldn’t wait to get their hands on them, is an understatement.  Two of mine are very restless, and tend to use anything they can get their hands on to fidget with, even if it’s just elastic bands.  I’ve lost count of how many pencils and rulers I’ve had to buy, as they fidget with them, and they end up broken.

We’ve seen fidget spinners before, but the one from Antsy was far better quality than the cheapo I first bought from a big company, but that one had sharp edges.  No fear of that with the Antsy one.  I can see the attraction for the kids with the spinner, as they flick and twist, but personally, I struggle with that.

Moving onto the fidget cube, I just couldn’t put that down.  With all the little bits to twist, spin, press, flick and click, and how it fit nicely into one hand, I could see the enormous benefit for that when my boys go back to school.  The spinner is great for home, but the cube, as it’s less of a distraction for other kids, would be great for school.  At the moment, my kids have a sort of putty they use at school, but the cube would be far better.

Watch this:

What does Antsy Labs say?

Leading international toy and consumer products company ZURU Toys is thrilled to announce an exclusive worldwide deal with Antsy Labs to manufacture and distribute the original sensation 
which started it all – Fidget Cube™.

Fidget Cube™ is available now in major UK retailers including Smyths, Tesco, Asda, Argos, Toys R Us and The Entertainer, selling for £9.99 each.   So, forget about fiddling about with paperclips and pens, once you get your hands on these toys you won’t want to fidget with anything else!

Headlining Fidget Cube™’s global launch is the world’s most famous “finger tutter” 23-year-old John Hunt (aka PNUT) – who wowed everyone with his amazing finger dancing moves in Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off videoclip. PNUT shows off his incredible finger moves with the cube in Fidget Cube™ commercials and other parts of the #FreeTheFidget campaign and has to be seen to be believed!

Check out the Fidget Cube™ TVC with PNUT here:

Also available in the range is the ZURU Spinner – the unique design uses high-quality ball-bearings for an even smoother spin, twirl and fidget. Designed to satisfy your natural fidgeting urges, you can choose from 4 classic colours.


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