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A Future Bedroom Refresh for The Teen

Brought to you in collaboration with Teacherboards.

It’s safe to say middlers bedroom is a bit of a stromash at the moment.  He’s a child/teenager, as so many special needs children are, and although he wants to be a teen, he’s still a child at heart. His room badly needs doing, but as with everything else, life moves on, and here we are, with him now a couple of years into teenagehood, and he’s still got transformers curtains and childish decor.  Even he wants it changed.

When Teacherboards got in touch, I was still thinking about how I could possibly change his room into something that still lets him be a child, yet can be quicky and easily turned into a more grown up room for when his brothers friends come round, and he can swiftly, and on his own, make his room blend in to what a regular teenager would see as cool.  I hadn’t found anything that would allow him that privilege.

I did half think about the rainbow felt pinboards, but thought he might think those too girly. 

They come in 20 different colours, with beech surround.  They can be displayed vertically or horizontally, and include a wall fixing kit. These would have been perfect for him a few years ago, for making shapes, puzzles and more, but for this time round, I have been looking for something a bit more grown up.

I’d thought about buying a blackboard or giant sheets of paper for him, and the option of whiteboards were a very real possibility, then I spotted the paint…  Yep, that’s right..  Paint, but not ordinary paint.

I spotted this paint on their website, and I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

Ideapaint – Dry Wipe Whiteboard Wall Paint, in white.

Write on after four days.
• Environmentally compliant.
• 10-year limited warranty.
• IdeaPaint is odourless when dry (after 24 hours) and will cover an area of 4.65m² per package.

It would be perfect for him….  Absolutely and without any doubt whatsoever.

I can just imagine him drawing away on the walls to his heart’s content, never having to worry about what mum and dad will say, and just the thought of having your walls as your canvas, is genius, for all kids I think.  It would also let him quickly wipe away any evidence of squiggly wiggly lines if he wants to look more grown up when his brothers friends are around.

Given the price, at £168.60 including vat for 4.65m² , I could only justify one wall done in this paint, but that would be enough for him, and would keep him a very happy boy indeed..  I’ve never seen this in classrooms but I’m sure some of you out there have seen this in action.  I’d love to know what the kids actually think of it.

Now, all I have to do, is save up the money, and he can have the drawing board of his dreams……

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