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Happy Halloween from Scottish Mum and the Co-op

I always do a post on Halloween, though it’s not always about foodie things, although this year it is.  To help me out, the Co-op sent in a box of goodies, to make Halloween go with a bit of a bang, or rather, a bit of a sugar sweet high, but that’s what Halloween is all about – right?


I actually quite like the night itself.  One thing about having a special needs boy, is that he always wants to dress up and knock on doors, even though he’s the same height as me.  I try to find some accommodating person, who’s got a little one or two with them, and tag along, so people think we’re part of that group.  Method in the madness on my part, but stops him being pretty much looked at as if he’s got two heads when he recites his joke, or even forgets it and stands there doing nothing but shifting from foot to foot.  He flashes a great big smile, and those who’re just wanting him off the doorstep, hand out the sweetie bowl, then he goes away, happy as a lark.  Some people look bewildered when we walk away, but most twig pretty quickly when he tells his joke.

We only go to houses with a pumpkin outside.  That is telling the world that you’re in on it, and it’s ok to knock on the door.  I don’t know how people do it in different areas, but around here, it works pretty well.

A few years ago, we put our pumpkin outside when I was ill and nobody could take middler.  The poor kid stood at the door with his tub of sweeties and nobody came.  We usually have loads of people.

After a while, we looked out to where our pumpkin was, as it was out of sight of our window, and the wind had blown it out.  We quickly ran to the end of our street, and handed out the sweeties to everyone that passed by in costume.  Cue one happy boy after all, as I sneezed, snorted and coughed my way through a freezing winter night.  This year, I think it’s going to be pretty warm, so kids taking part will have a ball.

In our house, we have plenty goodies to set us up right.

The co-op food magazine has some pages with quick halloween hacks we can do, to make tables look spectacular.  I’ve had a very bad week, so it was nice this afternoon, to make some goodies with middler.

We’ll use the rest up for tomorrow night, but for tonight, we made the Benjamin Bones tray of brownies, with a co-op pumpkin lollipop at one end and arranged the Co-op mallow bones on top to make the skeleton.  I tend not to like marshamallow, but the ones with jelly in the middle are actually ok.


It was pretty simple actually, and quite easy to do with a standard brownie pack and some marshmallows.  I like the style of whoever thought it up.  All we had to do, was put the brownie mix into the mixing bowl, crack two eggs in, and 150ml vegetable oil.  I had some coconut oil in the fridge, which did very nicely indeed.  I’m quite surprised how well the coconut chocolate brownie turned out.  Very much moreish.

I had a go at the Scary Worms, which was simply to make up some jelly, pop it in a tall glass and let it cool, then add some double cream.  Then pop straws into the glass and let them set, before squeezing out the jelly, to make little worms.  I used them to decorate the top of our Spooky jelly bowls, which was pretty popular, with 2 layers of jelly, squirty cream, and the worms on top.



co-op-food-magazineFor all of you going out Trick or Treating, or as we know it up here, ‘Guising,’ stay safe, make sure you know how to get home, and have a great time.  Tomorrow we’ll be making Zombie eggheads and Terrifying tortillas, but I’ll need to head to my local co-op to get some Tortilla wraps, or I’d have made those today.

Thanks to the co-op for our lovely box of treats to make Halloween go with a spectacular spooky bang in the Scottish Mum household.


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