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Furby Connect – Stick it on your Xmas list.

furby-4Yep, Furby’s are back, and they’re jazzily souped up for this year.  I know, raising the Xmas or Christmas as a subject has most people throwing their hands up in horror.

“But it’s October, go away,” I hear you all say in the back of my skull, as I chatter away with our most recent review toy.

Furby’s are now hi-tech, with lots of key features that change this to a far more interactive toy than any previous versions of the plush pal.  I’m way too old to have had an original Furby, so this has been all new to me – completely…..  Who knew how addictive these things really are?  I spent about ten minutes giggling my head off when I switched it on. I’m easily pleased…..


Furby Plays Without The App

I woke Furby, and he said, “I’m so hungry, why you no feed me,” or something like that.  And when I stopped speaking to Furby, it started whistling at me….  Then asked for “meatballs,” and “Gimme gimme.”

furby-2All we need to do with Furby out of the box, is tickle him, shake him, or pet the fur.

At one point, Furby asked us to turn him upside down. When middler did, he came out with “bat furby.”  I don’t know who laughed the most.  Me or the boy…..  There are around 150 expressive animations, which work by the LCD eyes, ears and the light-up antenna, which we can press, and sometimes Furby sings….

Furby goes through a range of emotions and mood changes.  He can be happy, sad, scared or excited, and they’re all amazing to watch.

There’s a sleep mask included, so now Furby sleeps all night long.  I’ve heard stories from others, who’ve woken up Furby Booms and not been able to get them to sleep afterwards.  Furby is pretty easy to wake up, and the eyes are amazing.  Flickering through different emotions and images, they’re super cute.  I love the heart one, and as much as I tried to capture it for the blog, I never seemed to click my shutter fast enough to show you.

Middler was too shy to let me take a picture, so you’ll have to put up with me…  On the other hand, he’s had Bee-Boo on and yakking for the last six hours, so I  might have to put Furby to sleep before he goes to bed, or I imagine Bee-Boo will be singing all night long…..

furby-1    furby-sm

Furby Connect World App

Connecting our Furby to the Furby Connect World was really easy.  Make sure Bluetooth is switched to “on” for your gadget.  Open the app, switch on Furby and the screen guides you through furby-3connecting until Furby announces it, and lets you choose a name…. We named our Furby Bee-Boo, or Strong Beak.

With the app, Furby knows which time of year it is, so even on Valentines or Xmas, your Furby has a world of surprises for you.  In the app, you can collect eggs and baby furblings, feed your Furby, and even take him to the toilet.  When something new is downloaded to your Furby, his antennae will flash.  Press it, and you’ll hear what the download is.

It’s important to realise that anyone can play the Furby Connect World app.  You don’t need a Furby to play, although you’d get so much more fun out of watching your Furby Connect interact as you flick through the activities, and watch videos with our Bee-Boo.  I am soooo looking forward to seeing my youngest nephew, who is 2, having fun with this toy….


Furby Connect is available in Pink, Purple, Blue, Turquoise.

Where To Buy

From all good toy stores.  I did a quick search and saw Furby Connect in ToysRUs, House of Fraser, Argos, Amazon, and Smyths.  I’m sure there are many more.  If you’re a Twitter friend, you can see the chat at hashtag #FurbyConnect, and find out what everyone is saying about their new furry friends.

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Disclaimer: Hasbro provided our Furby Connect free of charge, as part of the Toy Tribe.  All opinions are our own.

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