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What I’d Like For Mother’s Day

In collaboration with Tesco.

It’s that time of year again when I’m looking for something for my mum, and being who my husband is, with no idea of what I’d like for Mothers Day, I usually end up buying something for myself and he takes the kids to get a bunch of flowers since I can’t do chocolates as a diabetic.  I have horrific memories of some of the disastrous gifts he’s come up with over the years, and I’ve learned to get what I like myself, or drop enormous hints.

I do a lot of shopping with Tesco, so being asked to take a look at their Mothers Day presents range was something I would do anyway, and gave me a good chance to root through the online gift choices on Tesco Direct.

What I’d Choose for Myself

There is just so much to pick from.  We don’t do large gifts for adults in our house, so the range on offer was ideal for me.

Von Shef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage CarrierTesco Vonshef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage

I never know what to do with baked cupcakes.  They usually end up squished into a plastic tub, or end up going all over the place.  With a capacity of 24, for £13.99, this storage carrier would be perfect for me.

Quirky Gadget – App Controlled Smart Scale

At £39.99, it’s more expensive that I’d usually consider for Mother’s Day, but I can dream, and I’d absolutely LOVE one of these smart scales.  I’ve looked at them more times that I care to remember.

Tesco App Controlled Smart Scale

If my other half is reading, this is a big nudge, nudge, hint, wink, wink…..  Not only does it guide us through the baking process, it even gives us hints and timers for when to mix, bake or cook.  My gadget girl head can’t wait to try one of these.

Afternoon Tea – Katie Alice Cottage Afternoon Tea Set

How about this to sit down with afternoon tea and a slab of lovely cake?  I think most women appreciate nice crockery, and I’d like a set or two of these in my kitchen cupboards for when friends come round for the afternoon.  Getting myself lovely cups and saucers hasn’t been top of my buying list, so as a present, I’d be delighted with these for £9, which includes a tea-cup, saucer and side plate.

Tesco Katie Cottage Afternoon Tea Set


I almost always have to buy my own.  If my husband bought them too often, I’d wonder what he’d done wrong….  For Mothers Day, he does sometimes let the kids buy me some, and although I don’t particularly like lilies, I like most other flowers, especially ones in either very muted pale colours or very vibrant reds and purples.

My choice would be this Mother’s Day Seasonal Posy at £25, which includes the milk churn, if I could persuade my man to get them.  I’d love something like this on permanent display, but it could get rather pricey, but for a special occasion, they’re gorgeous.

Tesco Flowers Mother's Day Seasonal Posy

Many thanks to Tesco for allowing me to reproduce these images.


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