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The Advantages of Dental Implants

In collaboration with London City Smiles.

I have six porcelain veneers and three  crowns, so dental treatment is something I am very familiar with, and if someone has teeth that stops them living life happily, and can afford it, I am all for getting a smile fixed.  in my twenties, I never used to smile, or I’d cover my mouth, in an attempt to hide my horribly crooked teeth.  When I was a child, our dentist never gave us the option for a brace and it wasn’t the done thing where I grew up.

Instead of expensive jewellery or clothing at  milestone birthdays, I chose either another crown or veneer, and I don’t regret that in the slightest.  The ability to smile without grimacing or hiding my mouth was life changing for  me.  I can safely say, that if I could manage it, and my crowns failed, and couldn’t be replaced, I’d seriously consider more cosmetic dentistry.


From London City Smiles:

Dental implants are often the first choice of treatment for both the patient and the cosmetic dentist, when looking to restore heavily damaged teeth. This is because the method offers many clear advantages to the patient.If you are wondering whether or not dental implants are the ideal solution to your tooth troubles, take a look at some of the clear advantages of dental implants, to geif t your smile back to its best.

The Look

Dental implants are fantastic for people suffering from severely damaged teeth that are in need of radical restoration. Implants look and feel incredibly natural, giving a patient the perfect smile, and integrate nicely with any natural teeth remaining in the mouth. Dental implants also help retain the face’s natural shape and smile, whereas a face without teeth appears sunken in and saggy. Dental implants allow wearers to be confident about their appearance.

The Function

Dental implants function exactly like natural teeth and offer patients the ability to chew, talk, and keep teeth firmly in the mouth, as opposed to dentures, which require nightly removal, and often shift and slide, limiting the patient on the foods they can eat and making it necessary to use other products to keep them secure.

When opting for dentures, patients may experience small issues with many everyday occurrences, including laughing, kissing, singing or coughing, not to mention the restriction to wearers from experiencing the full flavour of their food, as the plate covers the roof of the mouth.


Durability is not much of a concern at all when considering dental implants, as they are far and above the most durable of all reparative or restorative dental treatment plans. Dental implants make an excellent long-term solution, needing only periodic readjustments to last an entire lifetime, where other treatment options only have an average lifespan of five to ten years before requiring replacement. toothbrush

Another major benefit to dental implants is they cannot develop cavities, which means even less maintenance for the wearer, and they essentially bring an end to all tooth pain and sensitivity, which is sure to please any patient. As permanent and strong as dental implants are, it is important to have a regular care plan that includes daily brushing and flossing, as with a natural tooth, and have regularly scheduled dental visits so a dentist can inspect and care for it.

Protect your Natural Teeth and Bone

Having missing spaces in your mouth left from extracted teeth can cause deterioration of the jawbone, as there is no tooth there to support it. Dental implants provide the only solution to this problem, because it actually stimulates bone growth and help prevents bone loss, preserving the natural landscape of the patient’s mouth.

Patients who use dental bridges expose their natural teeth to damage, due to the grinding that occurs from the hardware sitting on the teeth. Erosion and damage can lead to losing even more teeth and needing to replace the bridge to accommodate, creating somewhat of a cycle. Dental implants instead are independent and have no damaging effect on any natural teeth remaining in the mouth.

Using implants also helps prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and becoming misaligned due to there being an empty space.

It is very easy to see that when extensive restoration work is required dental implants are a more than worthwhile long term investment, and allows wearers to have attractive teeth that function as natural ones, being as minimally disruptive as possible, allowing for a perfectly normal lifestyle, and allowing patients to have complete confidence in the look and performance of their teeth.

Article supplied by London City Smiles – specialists in Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.

5 thoughts on “The Advantages of Dental Implants

  1. My Local private dentist quoted me £3000 per tooth for dental implants but harley Street in London do them for £995 per tooth

    1. Wow, £3k is a lot. I’d never have thought Harley Street surgeries would be cheaper.

  2. I am considering an implant after a tooth cracked last summer and now split so I am currently left with half a tooth. My dentist has suggested an implant however after a bit of research I feel less comfortable having implants – not more. Firstly the time it takes to get an implant terrifies me – to have the tooth removed and then be left with a gap for months until it heals. Then to have to wait months again for the post to put in and the bone to graft to the post. Then to finally have the ‘tooth’ put on. My dentist said the process could take around a year which is just too much – I wouldn’t want to have a gap or a post showing for that long. I realise you could have ‘something’ put on the front to hide it however all these solutions are SO expensive.With the implant costing nearly £3k I don’t want to spend another £800 on a denture. So hence I am still not convinced with the thought of implants and at the moment I am chosing to live with my broken tooth..

    1. That’s way more than I was quoted for an implant, but I guess prices differ wherever we are in the country. I’d imagined that a crown type bridge would be used to cover the gap, but I’ve not looked too seriously into it, as I’ve been able to get crowns so far. 3K a tooth would be very difficult to live with indeed.

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