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Jamie Oliver – Every Day Super Food – Win 1 of 4 Copies – Ends 12th Oct 2015

On the run up to Jamie Oliver’s 40th birthday, he’s been on a personal journey with his food, exploring his relationship with food, and making changes to his diet and lifestyle.

Jamie wants to share what he’s learned with the public, via a new book that is jam packed full of 30 recipes for breakfast, 30 recipes for lunch, and 30 dinners, as well as new ideas for snacks and drinks.

Jamie Oliver Everyday Superfood a

The recipes are simple and nutritious, and more importantly, easy to follow, while still being unusual, tasty and healthy.

Jamie says:

“My wish is that through incredible food, this book will inspire and empower you to live the healthiest, happiest, most productive life you can.  Food is there to be enjoyed, shared and celebrated, and healthy, nourishing food should be colourful, delicious and fun.  This book is full of exciting, well-rounded, balanced recipes that will fill you up, tickle your taste buds and most importantly, because I’ve done all the hard work on the nutrition front, every choice is a healthy choice.”

The book will tie into a new Channel 4 series, Jamie’s Super Food, and a one off documentary where Jamie will be investigating the huge impact that sugar makes to global health problems.

As a diabetic, I have to say, that I do agree with him on that score, 100%.

As someone who’s taken a huge interest in the food I eat for quite a while now, this book has come as a lovely addition to my kitchen.

I’ve tried a couple of the recipes.  Here’s what my version of Jamie’s fabulous Jar Salad, and a mega tasty Chicken & Squash Cacciatore looked like.  I’ll share these recipes with you another day.

Jamie Oliver Meals

In the meantime, take a look at this stunning image from the book.  The picture alone is enough to make me hungry.

Happiness Pasta

Sweet Tomato, Aubergine and Ricotta

Jamie Oliver Happiness Pasta 1

The Giveaway

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The Rules

– Open to UK Mainland Entrants only.

– 4 Winners will receive 1 copy each of Jamie Oliver’s book, Everyday Superfoods. There is no cash alternative.

– The prize will be sent direct from Jamie Oliver’s marketing team.

– The Scottish Mum Blog is not responsible for your prize and cannot be held liable in any way for non delivery or non receipt at your end.

– Winners will be notified by DM on Twitter, or e-mail. If the giveaway is not claimed within 14 days, a new winner may be drawn.

– The winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter random generator.

– Scottish Mum Blog and Jamie Oliver, reserve the right to amend, add or withdraw this giveaway at any time.

– Each entry method entitles you to one entry into the draw.

– The giveaway is not associated with any social media channels.

– The winner decision by Scottish Mum Blog is final.

– Closes 12th October 2015 at midnight.

Thank you to Penguin Books for providing my review copy and 4 copies to give away.

180 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver – Every Day Super Food – Win 1 of 4 Copies – Ends 12th Oct 2015

  1. spag bol

  2. My favourite meal is chilli 🙂

  3. lasagne is my favourite

  4. A chilli con carnie

  5. Love a traditional roast with rib of beef if possible 🙂

  6. Lasagne 🙂

  7. I love duck breast

  8. Shepherd’s Pie

  9. My favourite meal of the moment is Roast Chicken Dinner.

  10. Steak, chips & mushroom sauce

  11. A good hot chilli con carnie

  12. I love a good lasagne with heaps of basil 🙂

  13. Lobster, any way it comes

  14. A vegetarian roast with all the trimmings

  15. Home made, from scratch curry

  16. A proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings

  17. Mine has to be Steak, Chunky Chips and Peppercorn Sauce 🙂

  18. Bangers and mash!!


  20. Pasta Bake 🙂

  21. I love a Sunday roast

  22. Lamb and mushroom parcels – comforting food for Autumn x

  23. We are on Slimming World in our house at the minute, so one of the easiest and most warming things we can make is a chilli con carne with boiled rice. Perfect for the frosty weather that’s setting in.

  24. Love a good curry x

  25. Slow roast pork, with crackling nom nom

  26. Love a fish pie

  27. chicken curry

  28. vegetarian Lasagne

  29. i love pizza

  30. Roast dinner with all the trimmings cooked by somebody else

  31. Smoked haddock chowder.


  32. roast beef

  33. Pizza or curry

  34. A homemade chicken curry

  35. Home made sausage and bean pie 🙂

  36. Spaghetti Bolognese

  37. probably a home made cheeseburger and chips

  38. Beef Wellington

  39. Paella

  40. Roast chicken with mashed potatoes, creamed swede and carrots

  41. Carvery

  42. A roast dinner, or anything that contains potatoes!

  43. I love my husbands lasagne

  44. I love a roast dinner

  45. A Mild Fish Curry

  46. My favourite meal is mince and tatties, you can’t beat it.

  47. My mum’s ‘Danish ‘Taters’ recalls happy childhood memories every time even now.. it’s double baked cheesy jacket potatoes with a tomato, bacon and mushroom casserole sauce with a few secret ingredients – a perfect autumn meal.

  48. Roast Lamb roast

  49. Ginger salmon with fresh asparagus and potatoes 🙂

  50. Spaghetti Bolognaise!

  51. moussaka!love greek food

  52. Spaghetti bolognese

  53. Sausage Casserole with lots and lots of lovely dumplings.

  54. You can’t beat a good old Irish Stew in these cold Autumn days.

  55. My friend’s Fish Pie

  56. Thai Curry for me (in face, I have just finished mine! Yum!)

  57. can’t beat a good sausage casserole!

  58. Thai Green Curry

  59. Definitely fajitas for me!

  60. It’s a hard one but I think it would have to be a chicken casserole 🙂

  61. Pad Thai with Prawns

  62. lamb chops and jacket potato

  63. RT @Scottish_Mum: Jamie Oliver – Every Day Super Food – Win 1 of 4 Copies – Ends 12th Oct 2015

  64. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  65. Has to be roast beef and Yorkshire Pud (plus all the trimmings !!!)

  66. Lasagne, garlic bread and salad

  67. Cottage pie with red cabbage

  68. Mutton biriyani, with raita and a roti. I love Indian food!

  69. fish n chips

  70. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  71. RT @isobelle1234: Retweet the message located at:

  72. a good spag bol mm

  73. I don’t know how to answer this! To much to choose from. I adore vegetables so maybe a vegetable stir fry. And of course, cake is the meaning of life

  74. Irish Stew

  75. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  76. Steak & Veg

  77. Lasagne

  78. I really love Jamie, I think he is so adorable! And the food he cooks are just delectable. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful dish.

  79. Jamie Oliver – Every Day Super Food – Win 1 of 4 Copies

  80. I love salmon with rice and tabbouleh salad!

  81. Pizza

  82. Steak & chips!

  83. A really good roast, can’t beat it

  84. Mac and cheese, lush! 🙂

  85. chicken tarragon casserole

  86. Steak & chips!

  87. RT @DwarfHammyMum: Retweet the message located at:

  88. homeade red pepper and tomato soup

  89. My favourite meal is Grilled Chicken with Lemon CousCous and Courgette

  90. I love Moussaka Greek style with chips and salad

  91. Spaghetti Bolognese

  92. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  93. Lasagna or Enchiladas

  94. It would be a tofu Thai green curry for me.

  95. @methreeandhe How odd, it’s letting me through.

  96. Sushi!

  97. Curry!

  98. grilled chicken

  99. Pizza…unfortunately!

  100. Lasagne

  101. steak with onions and mushroom and chunky chips

  102. Sausage jambalaya

  103. Cheesy Mash

  104. Difficult choice. Possibly spaghetti bolognese as its quick and tasty

  105. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  106. Steak and baked potatoes

  107. seafood risotto

  108. Good ole Sunday roast

  109. Mashed potato

  110. Has to be mac and cheese – we put a different twist on it almost every time we make it!

  111. Sunday roast dinner xx

  112. i love chicken risotto

  113. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  114. Lamb Shanks in a mint and red currant gravy with veg

  115. A good hearty Lamb Stew.

  116. steak and eggs

  117. I love home made spag bol (with lots of hidden veg! Gets at least 5-a-day in the hubby and kids!)

  118. got to be spaghetti bol

  119. Definitely chicken fajitas

  120. I love a tradition Roast Beef Sunday dinner with Yorkshire puds!

  121. I love a homemade spag bol with lovely garlic bread 🙂

  122. Roasted Rib of Beef with Dauphiniose potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, and lashings of proper gravy or “jus” and don’t forget the horseradish sauce. To accompany a glass of red, and to follow Sticky Toffee Pud….My god I’ve made my self hungry now.

  123. I love roast chicken with roast potatoes and carrots x

  124. Veggie Lasagne

  125. steak and ale pie

  126. I love a hearty stew & bumplins

  127. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

  128. Shepherd’s Pie made with sweet potato and goats cheese, yum!

  129. Vegetable Risotto.

  130. Roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings 🙂

  131. roast chicken

  132. Diet coke chicken

  133. spaghetti bolognese

  134. Sausage and mash

  135. chicken pie!

  136. Jamies cottage pie

  137. ham and mushroom tagliatelle

  138. Anything vegan. On a summer’s day, a kale and spiralized cucumber salad and on a winter’s day, hot and spicy vegan chilli con carne using plant based vegetables (no fake meat)

  139. I love a sunday roast dinner with yorkshire pudding

  140. chilli con carne

  141. Lamb mince and tatties

  142. Max and Cheese

  143. I love bolognese – but with courgetti spaghetti instead of pasta. I wouldn’t be without my spiralizer now – it has made such a difference to how I cook 🙂

  144. bangers and mash delish

  145. RT @Scottish_Mum: Jamie Oliver – Every Day Super Food – Win 1 of 4 Copies

  146. Mine has to be jambalaya. It’s delicious, you can make it with leftover chicken from your Sunday roast and it’s a nice quick dinner for a post-work meal too.

  147. Beef stew done in the slow cooker.x

  148. Lasagne!

  149. Goulash with rice and salad

  150. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  151. Home made lamb curry

  152. Home-made chicken korma with all the trimmings …

  153. Anything vegetarian for me, I particularly like Middle Eastern flavours, one of my favourites at the moment is bulgur wheat with lots of spices, some olive oil and pomegranate molasses topped with caramelised onions and slices of grilled Halloumi yum!

  154. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  155. I love salmon and would eat it every day if I could, I usually bake it in a little soy sauce and honey… yumm!!

  156. roast beef on a sunday with all the family

  157. Lasagne,chips and salad.

  158. RT @Scottish_Mum: #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

  159. Homemade vegetable soup

  160. Ooh, I do love a tasty chunky salad. At the moment, I can’t get enough of them served with halloumi or feta cheese

    1. Roast beef dinner

    2. Cumberland sausage and mash with mushy peas and gravy

      1. Roast Chicken

  161. #Win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s new book, Everyday Superfood.

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