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10 Low Carb Desserts from around the net (low sugar).

Looking up some recipes that I don’t throw together, isn’t something I do often.  I’m very much of a chuck things in and see how they turn out, but I’ve had a trawl through some recipes I really like the look of, and quite fancy trying.  See what you think too.

Quark Cheesecake 2
Remember, that low carb doesn’t mean faddy diet, and removing sugar and excess carbs from our diet does make me feel so much better than I sued to.

Keeping to a sensible carb limit and not Atkins style extremely low carb, seems to be a very healthy way to live.  Permanently.  I’d love to do it, but since I have a savoury tooth more than a sweet one, I don’t feel guilty about the few sweet things I do eat, especially if I’ve cut the sugar from it.

Here are some fabulous low carb desserts I’ve found online.

1 – Blueberry Yoghurt Pancakes

From Bob’s Red Mill, these use whole wheat flour.  As pancake fans, this is probably going to land in my kitchen at some point.

2 – Lemon Squares

From From Diabetic Connect, these look heavenly, and you don’t need to be diabetic to enjoy desserts with less sugar and carbohydrates than the regular versions.  The recipe mostly uses Xylitol which is my favourite sweetener these days.

3 – Low Carb Mini Apple Pies

Flavoured with Cinnamon, and only 9 net carbs each, these will more than likely be on my winter menu at some point.

4 – Peanut Butter Pie

From Oh that’s tasty.  Unusual and quite luxurious.

5 – Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes

From Sweet Beet and Green Bean, these are a great idea, though I’d change the organic sugar to xylitol or something else to miss out the sugar.

6 – Low Carb Panna Cotta

From Sugar Free Chic.   I’ve never eaten Panna Cotta, but this recipe sounds delish.  Once I’ve got down to my target weight, I might just try this one out for a treat.

7 – Two Minute Coffee Cake

One of many recipes from Ginny’s Low Carb Kitchen, it’s a perfect microwave recipe for those moments when you really just need something sweet in a hurry.

8 – Low Carb Coffee and Cream Cheesecake

I don’t think I could eat much of this version, but the first few spoonfuls would be pure bliss.   By the author’s own admission, it wasn’t strong, so you could easily use this as a base and add your own favourite flavours.

9 – Pineapple-Rum Sorbet Recipe

I couldn’t resist sharing this.  The ingredients remind me of Mexico, sitting by the pool, sipping afternoon drinks…….before the kids arrived..

10 – Low Sugar and Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake

Lastly, my own, Low Carb and Low Fat, No Base – I used stevia for this, but I plan making it again soon, by using Xylitol instead.

Quark Cheesecake 4



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  1. 10 Low Carb Desserts from around the net (low sugar).

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