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Review: Silvercrest Rice Cooker

I bought this.  £9.99 from Lidl as an impulse buy.  I know I’m beginning to use gadgets more than my cooker, but that’s not always a bad thing as I’m a carer for multiple persons as well as trying to earn a small crust now and again.

I love rice, I absolutely do, but I hate, and I mean H. A. T. E cooking the stuff.  I’ve tried steaming it, using expensive bags and double boilers, but they all mean my weak wrists struggle to lift, drain and rinse enough rice for six people in one go.  I often end up overcooking it too.  I know other people pretend it’s hip and call it sticky rice when they overcook theirs, but I don’t like sticky rice, uh uh, not at all.

After another cooker top explosion of rice water boiling over, I saw this little machine and took a chance on it.  I have to say, the little Silvercrest does a fab job for me.  It’s out a couple of times a week and cooks rice perfectly every time and gives my poor wrists and cooker top a rest.  It’s the perfect amount of rice for six people and just a little left over if anyone wants seconds.

Cooked Rice

The rice cooker comes with a little scoop to choose the correct amount of rice, and the bowl has marks for the perfect amount of water.  With the little serving spoon, it’s been £9.99 well spent for me.  Actually, the time it saves in cleaning my cooker tops alone is worth it.


I guess it depends how many people you cook for.  If I were cooking for two, I might not think it was a huge time saver, but with six, it’s one of those things that I am finding it harder and harder to live without in my kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Review: Silvercrest Rice Cooker

  1. Could I ask for a post of the instructions for the rice cooker please? We are 7 people and I bought this but accidentally threw away the instructions!!

  2. Very good review, this is the most comprehensive break down of rice cookers I’ve ever seen. Great review! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I think I’m pretty convinced to get the rice cooker!

  3. I bought a rice maker and always bunt my rice. I think it\’s because when I cook rice I always cook it with onions, peas, seetcorn and sometimes a vegetable stock cube. I always cook it in the microwave and It always (touch wood) turnes out ok.The best part about adding the extras means it\’s very easy to make egg fried rice with the leftovers 🙂

    As for the rice maker, I gave it to my neighbour lol

    1. Haha, I tend to just use the rice straight from the rice cooker. I have to admit to enjoying not draining, rinsing and redraining, but perhaps not everyone does their rice like that. I guess I just did mine the way my mother did, so never really looked at any other way to cook it.

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