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Wear It, Beat It. British Heart Foundation – Heart Month

Did you know our hearts beat around 100,000 times a day?  That’s a lot of work for one muscle to do.  It pumps around 23,000 litres of blood around our bodies in a day and just keeps on working away in the background.  We’re rarely even aware that it’s doing anything at all.

Red Heart

Today’s the day to raise awareness.  Wear as much red as you can and support the British Heart Foundation.  If anyone asks why you’re wearing red, tell them it’s to raise awareness of looking after your heart.

February is heart month.  It’s not surprising with Valentine’s Day in the wings, but how many of us take our hearts for granted?  I know I do.

This month, show your heart some love.   Sign up to the British Heat Foundation 10 Minute Challenge and celebrate by wearing something red, or discover how to keep your own heart happy and healthy.

There will be one simple challenge sent to your inbox each day for ten days.  Each challenge takes a maximum of ten minutes to complete.

Take The British Heart Foundation Ten Minute Challenge


Take The British Heart Foundation Wordplace Ten Minute Challenge

On the website, are booklets and guides to help you improve the health of your heart, covering topics like moving, eating, quitting smoking, lowering stress, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as managing diabetes.

What are you waiting for?

If you’d like to donate to the British Heart Foundation, you can Text ‘RED’ to 70060 to donate £3 to help fund research.



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  1. It’s nice to see the british heart foundation getting the recognition it deserves. Keep up the good work.

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