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Those scribbles on the walls really add up…

Any parent understands the day to day struggle with keeping the house in order, and we’ve all walked into a room to be met with spillages, breakages and general curiosity-induced chaos, maybe some innocent puppy dog eyes too.

It’s great to see the kids having fun, but all too often a play date becomes an over excited danger zone and a rough and tumble with siblings ends in tears or boredom results in a toy meeting its demise in the microwave.

This last destructive activity actually came in at number 20 on a list of the most common household damages caused by children.  The study, published in the Daily Mail, has brought to light the shocking statistic that by the age of just 10 the average child has cost their parents over £2,000 in repairs within the home.

It just goes to show how the constant clumsiness really adds up; 50% of parents questioned in the research consider the costs of fixing child-generated damages around the house as one of the ‘main drains’ on their finances and a similar percentage also believe their offspring to be the ‘root cause’ of domestic damage – even more than dodgy DIY jobs or pets!

Although all kids are guilty of destruction – whether accidental or intentional –unsurprisingly it was boys aged 4 to 10 who were voted as the most likely offenders with two out of three sons were deemed ‘hazardous’ around the house by their parents.

Drawing on walls, permanent carpet stains and broken plates and crockery topped the list of damages, with damaged furniture, foot/hand prints on surfaces and scratched upholstery closely following.

Perhaps it’s rather comforting as well as shocking to find out that 15% of the parents in the study had suffered a blocked toilet while the same number had repaired a smashed window. We’re not alone!

They may seem like relatively small amounts on their own, but these frequent expenses add up to an average £2,000 a year per child – a frightening prospect, especially for those with larger families. All in all, these findings put forward a great case for having accidental damage cover included in your home insurance.

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1 thought on “Those scribbles on the walls really add up…

  1. My children are grown up and have begun their own lives. I do recall that repairs on are home was over 5,ooo dollars in one year, repainting the interior of the house, or the baseball through the window, etc. At times the “honey do list” was overwhelming for we wake have breakfast and go to work! Then after a 12 hours shift come home, have supper and try to spend a wee bit of time with the family. Then trying to keep the house maintain in the evening….am I complaining – not at all was all enjoyable…many fond memories….
    What I found interesting is your home owner insurance which I do not need but may be beneficial to my children….Thank You…this was most appreciated…
    Happy Holiday to One and All…
    Mr. Harper, S.

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