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Review: Perfecta Comfort Mattress from Carpetright

How could we say no to the lovely offer of a mattress from Carpetright.  Our youngest has wanted a more grown up room, but he disliked the mattress on the bed.  He found it too hard and not comfortable enough.

When we were told which mattress we would get, I was slightly worried, as his complaint about his current one, was that it was too hard and uncomfortable.

It was a very thin mattress, and probably not a great choice for him.  We should have chosen better at the start, but we know better now, and that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good value.

For different sleep needs, mattresses at Carpetright are tagged as either S (soft) M (medium) or F (firm).  For people who sleep on their sides, a soft mattress is recommended to protect hips and shoulder.  A medium is good for people who move around a lot, and a firm mattress is good for people who either sleep on their front on their back.  He sleeps on his back, so I believe a firm is the best choice for keeping the spine supported.

The Perfecta Comfort Mattress, which is the one we were given is rated as an F for Firm.  I did worry that he would find it too hard, but I’d told them what our problem was, and they came up with this solution to fix it for him.

Perfecta Comfort Mattress

It took a little while to arrive.  These mattresses are made by the Silentnight brand.   They’re handmade in the UK and also benefit from fillings that are hypoallergenic, with firm support.

Perfecta Comfort Mattress 1

The bed is a standard double, so the dimensions of the mattress were perfect.  It’s a double sided mattress so can be easily turned to keep it in tip top condition, and comes with a five year warranty.

Now, onto what littlest thought of it when it was time to sleep.

Perfecta Comfort Mattress 2

His favourite Real Madrid covers were added.  Yes, I know we live in Aberdeen, but he supports Real Madrid as a Country Team.  Kids around our way tend to support four teams, their local, the country team, an English and an International one.  For him, it’s Aberdeen, Scotland, Man U and Real Madrid, simply because Christian Ronaldo plays for them.  Whichever of those teams are playing gets his full and undivided attention.

His bedroom isn’t always this neat looking.  You’ll notice I’ve cut out part of his room, as it’s a typical boy room, no matter how often I tidy it, it looks like the aftermath of a massive party.  He’s had a few comfortable nights on there, and in his words ‘it’s beasting.’  Go figure, I’ve never heard that term either.

He’s delighted with his new mattress, and I worried un-necessarily about it being too hard.  It’s just perfect for him.

Perfecta Comfort Mattress 3

We’ve had carpets from Carpetright in the past, so we knew what the service would be like.   I’m after this rug for my hall, but as my size is out of stock, I’ll have to wait until they get more in.

I have to say a big thank you to Carpetright for our mattress, it’s just what we were looking for.  It was worth telling them what the problem was, as I’d have likely picked a soft or medium mattress without asking an opinion, and that wouldn’t have been what he needed at all.

Disclaimer:  Carpetright sent the mattress for review and asked us for our opinion. 




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  1. Great mattress review and I can see your son is a football fan, Ronaldo rules! I\’ll make sure to get updated more with your blog during your next posts, thanks.

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