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Review: Yumbox Lunchbox

Thanks to Yumbox for our review box to use.  As always, we’ve had ours a little while to test out.   The Yumbox is a lunchbox with a lot of thought gone into it.

Yumbox 1

The YumBox lunch boxes come in either green or pink so far and are bento style boxes, where there are little compartments inside a hard plastic case.  With the Yumbox, there are pictures for the relevant food groups in each compartment and helps with one of my boys who really isn’t a bread fan.

Yumbox Closed

The Great Bits

Portion Sizes

The Yumbox has it’s compartments set out for us.  There are 5 individual compartments with drawings on them to indicate the different food groups of fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein.  It guides us into knowing the right portion sizes and makes it easier for us to give our kids healthy options to school.

Leakproof Lid

The lid is a single lid with silicone automatic closure to stop the food in each compartment leaking over into another.  It means that kids can have sauces or dips and they won’t spill over into the food compartments.   The lid closure is one piece so there are no separate lids to lose, which is always a good point when it comes to packed lunches.  We’ve got loads of plastic containers without their lids as they’ve been left at school.

Reusable – No Bags

With no need to wrap different foods in cling film or bags, making a packed lunch is actually very simple.

Strong Latch

The box is quite light and fits into our regular lunch boxes so we can add an extra sandwich in the bag if we need to.  Yumbox have said it is suitable for children aged 3 and upwards, but I think it would be great for carrying around a toddlers lunch too as it would fit in any buggy, changing bag or backpack.

Removable Tray

It’s quite neat how the food container is a one piece removable section that can allow the bottom of the box to be used as a plate.

Dishwasher Safe

All parts of the Yumbox are dishwasher safe.

Yumbox Open

What Do I Think?

The Yumbox is really quite good.

If you use yoghurt or fresh dairy, you would need to put the Yumbox in a thermos container, or add some ice-packs.

There’s no room for a drink, so you would need to add this separately, which isn’t really a big deal for us.

It’s a great sturdy box and it looks like it will stand up to a lot of little finger accidents.



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