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Recipe: Bag Roasted Rustic Chicken Stew

This is one of the dishes I make when time is failing me badly.  It’s simply a case of popping all the veg, meat and flavours into a bag, putting it in the oven, and taking out a fully cooked meal an hour or two later.  It has a slightly smokey BBQ flavour so be prepared for that when you cook it.

Rustic Chicken 3

I am a massive fan of quick cooking,  so bag roasting is up there with slow cooking for me, but without the day long torment of gorgeous smelling food in the kitchen when I’m trying to concentrate.  Chicken is always popular with all of my kids and I’m lucky enough to get mine from a great butcher, the Fresh Food Guru, so it always tastes great.

Consider splitting this over two bags with one sachet of seasoning for each bag if your oven is small.

Bag Roasting: Rustic Chicken Stew

Lesley Smith
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Course Mains
Servings 5 - 6


  • 6 Chicken Breasts
  • 4 Large Carrots
  • 2 kg Baby Potatoes
  • 2 Rustic Chicken Knorr Season and Shake Packs
  • 300 ml Water
  • 1 Turkey Roasting Bag


  • Pop the oven on to around 190 - 200°C. Open the roasting bag and pop in the chicken breasts. You could cut these into quarters to cook them more quickly. Be careful when you put ingredients in as you really don't want the bag splitting.
  • You can do the vegetables separately, and I suspect I'd do that next time as my bag was absolutely huge. I put my baby potatoes in whole, but I suspect slicing them would lead to a faster cooking time. Add the sliced carrots and the potatoes to the bag.
  • I add the seasoning mix from the Knorr Rustic Chicken Pack and then add two small glasses of water. A gentle mix around of all the ingredients is a good idea to help spread the seasoning around.
  • Close the bag with the fastener but make sure you leave some expansion room in the bag. If your bag is very full, it would be a better idea to use two bags. Put your bag on an oven tray with plenty of room above the bag. If you have several oven shelves, it would be a good idea to remove upper ones to give the bag some expansion room as it will fill out as it fills with steam. The bad shouldn't touch the sides or top of the oven when cooking.

    The recommendations are to put the bag sideways, but I've had some of the liquid run out on me on large bags so I put the tied end upwards on larger bags and lie them on their side with smaller ones.
  • I cook this dish for approximately one and a half hours, but it will depend on your oven. Smaller pieces might well cook faster. When you open the bag, beware of the escaping steam as it can easily burn. I transfer my cooked food into a casserole dish and pop it back into the oven for five minutes to heat the dish.

    We serve the dish by placing it in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves to. Make sure the meat is fully cooked before serving it up.

4 thoughts on “Recipe: Bag Roasted Rustic Chicken Stew

  1. We call this recipe “Afritada” in the Philippines. We just use a little soy sauce and annatto for its red orange color 🙂 lechon manok franchise

  2. Excellent idea. In our home we use the oven bag for our Thanksgiving dinner not thinking about using it for other types of stews, or meat recipe.
    When using the oven bag, we place 1 tbsp. of flour in the bag and shake. This prevent the bag from bursting.
    Once the turkey & vegetables are in, bag is tied, placed on a large cookie sheet, we make a small incision in the top of bag to allow steam to vent.
    To insure chicken is at the optimal temperature we use a meat thermometer, that would be 65c/165F. We plan to make this dish this weekend with these changes unless you advise otherwise.
    Thank You
    Mr. Harper, S. & Family

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