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Silent Sunday – 02nd March 2014



24 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 02nd March 2014

  1. Enjoy your Mcdonalds Batman!

  2. Never thought I’d see Batman in Mc D’s! 😉

    1. Yep, and a spiderman too.

  3. Lol love it. Those masks are fab x

  4. Lol love it. Those masks are fab x

  5. That is a super fun photo!

    1. I’m surprised he let me take it. He really doesn’t do photos at all.

  6. I love the outfit, do you always wear a disguise when going to McDs?

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Of course, it’s the only way to go.

  7. Fun photo. Looking cool

  8. hahaha, awesome mask, hope you enjoyed the MD’s

    1. He did, though I’m not so keen…

  9. Fab photo. He’s had a great time and the motto is perfect.

    1. He certainly did. Kids and MaccyD’s just seem to go together.

  10. That is the first thing today which has made me laugh! Great photo.

    1. Glad we could make you smile 🙂

  11. Every kid seems to enjoy going there. Great mask.

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