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Silent Sunday – 09 February 2014

 Cat Steals Foodie Set Up



20 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 09 February 2014

  1. That’s either a very cheeky cat or a very posh cat 🙂

  2. Aww, there goes dinner.

  3. Sneaky!

  4. Talk about no remorse. 😉

    1. None whatsoever from him.

  5. Oooh – bad boy. We have 4 cats – 3 outdoor farm cats and one indoor one. One outdoor one loves being indoors but ALWAYS blots his copybook by stealing something so out he has to go. He’s called Firkin and really is a Firkin cat!!

    1. Lol, that made me laugh.

  6. Ohh what a little monkey! Looks like he is enjoying it as well x

    1. Really sneaky moggie. HE loved it.

  7. lucky cat, his own curry 🙂

    1. He looks not the slightest bit sheepish when caught. Just kept tucking in.

  8. He looks like hes really enjoying it

    1. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry really.

  9. Cheeky monkey.

  10. Cheeky thing! Cute photo 🙂

    1. Definitely very cheeky.

    2. Thanks. Jumping on the table is a new thing. Hopefully it doesn’t last for too long.

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