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The Sausage Softie Is Sooo Under Rated – Online Shopping At It’s Best


Getting meat through the post seems second nature to me nowadays.  Look backwards a few years and I’d never have done it as I liked to see what comes home in my shopping basket.

As much as I like Tesco and Asda home shopping, I’m never comfortable with the fresh produce that can arrive as it is usually not the ones I’d have picked for myself.  All us picky shoppers will know exactly what I mean.  I tend to scour the backs of the shelves for the longest dated items etc.

I’ve been getting my meat from Andrew Gordon for a fair while now, and recently, he decided to help those of us who either don’t like to go shopping, or just haven’t the time to do it for ourselves.  He has a new website that delivers across the whole of the UK and I’m now used to a delivery of meat arriving on my doorstep.

I really like the chicken and mince packs as he often has deals on offer that keep the prices down and allow for bulk buying and freezing for another day.

The biggest draw for me is that I know when the box is packed, that I am always going to get the best produce and never have to worry about whether it’s short dated or poor quality.  I know it’s the best and I know that he can trace the meat back to the source which helps me to persuade my youngest child that he isn’t eating horse (some news items just never go away).

Meat Delivery

Sausages are usually good value and are a good size.   I split two sausages in half per child.  My kids like them and really get stuck in.   As it’s my kids, there is loads of ketchup – so much so, it’s oozed out the side of eldests sausage butty in the picture!!!!   There’s no sides, tatties, chips or anything else needed and simply a bun and some veg for a full meal.   That’s my kind of cooking.

Sausage Buttie 2

We had a fresh delivery today and I really do need to post a fair few more recipes very soon.

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