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Silent Sunday – 6 October 2013

Autumn Tree




24 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 6 October 2013

  1. What an amazing photo, so many colours :0)

  2. Absolutely stunning picture. Amazing range of colours!

  3. Oh what a beautiful picture! Fab colours and love that effect!

  4. Lovely capture of some beautiful autumnal colours.

  5. great shot, the colours are beautiful

  6. They look so perfect they look like part of a children’s play set!

  7. Great depth of field, such a lot of detail on the tree, very Autumnal.

    1. Thank you, it is a lovely tree.

  8. That’s a fabulous shot – the colours are just fantastic!

  9. Lovely peaceful photo. Great reds.

  10. Ooh this is such a beautiful photograph! Love autumn x

    1. Thank you very much. Autumn is one of my favourite times. I like Spring and Autumn better than Summer or Winter.

  11. What a gorgeous photo – loving the contrast of the colours! 🙂 x

    1. Thanks, it is very pretty to look at indeed.

  12. Stunning, I love the red against the green it looks very striking.

    1. Gorgeous trees when they’re all red leaves now.

  13. What a beautiful colour of leaves. It’s well known it’s Autumn time.

    1. It certainly is. Leaves are all falling despite it still being so warm.

  14. This is a lovely shot, great colours. GG

  15. That is such a lovely shot-how did you get the effect around the edges?

    1. I use Corel Paint Shop Pro and it’s one of the effects in the tools settings. Does a great job of adding field depth.

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