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Silent Sunday – 20 October 2013




23 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 20 October 2013

  1. Great Halloween photo – very spooky!

  2. Goodness, that’s really creepy! Brilliant shot 🙂

    1. It does look alieny creepy in a photo, doesn’t it?

  3. Had to squint at that to figure it out. Scary in the dark I daresay!

    1. In the dark it is, with just a little light and the eyes reflect !!!!

  4. Cats scare me at the best of times, but glowing eyes, that’s just terrifying!!

    1. Oh no, not scary really. He is a really couthy cat.

    1. It makes him look scary when he’s really not at all.

    1. Getting into the spirit of the ever closing in halloween I think.

  5. Very scary.

    1. It does look scary doesn’t it.

    1. Lol, a wild man for sure – well he was when we got him as a rescue, but he’s a sap nowadays.

  6. Ha ha – be aware of alien cat!

    1. Ye Ye. Spooky at night.

  7. Oops that’s a creepy one. Great for Halloween!

    1. It is, maybe I should have saved taking one like that for Halloween.

  8. Brilliantly spooky

    1. Very appropriate as Halloween approaches I think.

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