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Silent Sunday – 13 October 2013

Autumn Lab 



14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 13 October 2013

  1. She looks nice and relaxed there.

  2. Oh gorgeous! My favourite type of dog!

  3. Lovely dog 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous dog….Looking rather chilled x

  5. We would love to own a lab, best dogs ever xx

    1. I’m glad I picked the lab, though they do need a lot of exercise. It’s made me get out of the house every day for the last 13 years though.

  6. One very happy and relaxed doggy! Very Cute 🙂

    1. Thank you, she is absolutely lovely.

  7. What a beautiful dog 🙂 With a very big smile x

    1. Amazing she has such a big smile with being blind and half deaf, but she just gets on with life. She’s a right sweetie.

  8. Lovely dog, we would love a lab next x

    1. Our lab has been fab as most labs are. The only problem is the shedding. It just never ends. Every day, often twice a day cleaning up and there are still loads of it everywhere.

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