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The Kids Brain Blasterz Review of Sours

Littlest received his Brain Blasterz for review and the box had his name on it.  He was intrigued, in awe and it put a right smile on his face to get something in the post that was actually for him.

The sours craze seems to be going through lots of kids at the moment.  I’ve no idea if girls are so into pulling faces as they eat sweets, but having boys who have boy friends, they seem to outdo each other with who can actually eat a sour without pulling a sour face.

With the spray candy, the kids had a competition for who could keep a straight face while having a scoosh sprayed into their mouths.  I tried one and I couldn’t stop myself making a face, so I have no idea how they managed 2 and three sprays and to stand there unmoving.  Brave children that they are.

BB Candy Spray

These didn’t last long I have to say.  I could just about manage the Brain Bitz mini bonbons which weren’t overly sour and were more like regular candy, although I didn’t try the apple ones.  I suspect they were more sour than the rest.

BB Candy Brain Bits

The mega sour lolly dippers were much like I remember sherbet dippers from when I was little, but the kids wouldn’t spare one for me to try.

BB Mega Sour Lolly Dipper

Over on the website, there are games and downloads for fans and they are giving away free sweets online on their Facebook account in weekly competitions.  On Fridays, one member will be picked for prizes like sour sweets, travel mugs and t-shirts.

BB Mega Sour Lolly Dipper 2

The kids review of Brain Blasterz bubbled down to one word “awesome.”

Disclaimer:  We were sent a selection of Brain Blasterz sweets to review.

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