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Silent Sunday – 22nd September 2013





23 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 22nd September 2013

  1. Looks deep in concentration and hard at work

  2. What’s your secret? I want my children to be like that too when they’re older…

    1. It’s mostly saying I won’t fix it anymore when he throws it down and breaks it. It means he has to now go and try fixing it himself if he wants a bike to use 🙂

  3. Hopefully all went well with the bicycle. He’s braver than I.

  4. far cleverer than me i am useless at fixing my bike! xx

  5. Good luck hope he fixes it! 🙂

  6. Hope he managed to get the bike fixed.

  7. This is a familiar scene in our house too. Great to see a bit of DIY of the bike variety going on.

  8. Hard at work!
    Fab photo x

  9. It’s great to see a child fixing their bike. There’s nothing better than being self-sufficient 🙂 x

    1. Hopefully it keeps him busy as he grows up tinkering with motors etc.

  10. I hope it all went back together ok

  11. I love this picture, it’s so good to see kids working on their bikes!

    1. Hoping he managed to put things all back together as he gets older. That would be fab.

  12. He looks busy – great to see him fixing it himself, good for him! Hope it goes well 🙂

    1. It’s a regular place for him to be these days. Might make a mechanic out of him yet.

  13. Hard at work! I’d have kicked it over and stomped off, I’m terrible at fixing anything to do with bikes!

    1. I can fix some things, but I think I’d give a bike a miss if it involves the chain.

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