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Child’s Book Review: Max Goes To School

A new book has been published that provides a lasting tribute to a fantastically courageous schoolboy who lived in Aberdeen.

Sadly, Max lost his life at the very young age of 11, which is the same age as my middle special needs child.  I didn’t know Max, but I can understand that it would be so difficult to think of something that would provide a future memory, so I applaud Max’s family for finding a special and personal way to share his life in a fun and happy way.

Max had a serious heart infection that led to a aneurysm after being diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome as a child.

Despite surgery within a few weeks of birth, Max Lechner lived a full and happy life.  He attended Cults Primary School where he was a popular pupil and friend.

The book is called “Max Goes To School.”

Max Goes To School

When it arrived, my youngest child immediately picked it up, read it and chuckled all the way through.  The book was written by Max’s aunt Nicky Bakonyi and the pictures were created by Michael Mucci.

Darcy Bussel CBE, said “You will fall in love with Max, a child who will, without fail, make you smile, and a personality you will never forget.

The book was launched on the 28th August by family and friends of Max and is a very light hearted story of a typical day with Max playing the leading role.

It is a children’s book and is a really good read and is very appropriate for all children as it is really a lovely, funny and heartwarming tale all the way through, from Max chasing his pet mouse Bertie to wolfing down a huge stack of pancakes.   I wonder who Mr Smithereens is, and if he is happy with his cartoon character !!


The book is funny, it’s clever and it’s a great story that will appeal to all children.

The proceeds from the book will be divided among four good causes.

  • Max Appeal – giving support to those with DiGeorge syndrome.
  • Ronald McDonald Home – accommodation at Yorkhill and other children’s hospitals in the UK and around the world.
  • Yorkhill Children’s Charity – supporting Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow where Max received specialist tratement.
  • Humpty Dumpty Foundation in Sydney.

With all our support and buying a book that would be a great Christmas stocking filler, the book will support children in the chosen charities.

The book is available at Waterstones and John Lewis in Aberdeen and can be easily sourced in the North East and Glasgow.

To buy online, the book is available from e-bay for £5.99, or find out more information about Max at

It’s really really good and hopefully it is the start of a whole series for our kids to enjoy.

Disclaimer:  We were provided with a copy of Max Goes To School but were under no obligation to write about it.  I’d like to thank the PR for the book as it is actually very lovely and it is well appreciated by us.

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