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Giveaway: Scottish Fish Delivery Worth £67 – Straight to your door from Delish Fish.

The lovely people at Delish Fish have offered a lovely giveaway for my readers.  I’ve had the pleasure of using Delish Fish produce in the past and their Wild Haddock made for very happy kids with their breaded fish.

Wild Haddock Fillets 3


In the giveaway for my blog, Delish Fish are giving away a high class box of:

  • 1kg Monk
  • 1kg Freedom Salmon
  • 1kg Lemon Sole

To enter, simply work through the Rafflecopter widget with the entries you’d like to make and you are entered for the randomly generated giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. Open to UK Mainland Entrants only.
2. The prize will be delivered and you must give us your address to send it to you.
3. Winners will be notified within 3 days of giveaway end.  If the winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be drawn.  The draw closes on 30th September at midnight.
4.  The winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter random generator.
5.  Delish Fish reserves the right to amend, add or withdraw this giveaway at any time.
6. Each entry method entitles you to the corresponding amount of entries stated.

Order Fish from Delish Fish

If you’d like to order a pack yourself in the meantime, simply contact them online or by phone during the giveaway promotion time on 01779 477930, and mention Scottish Mum to have this £67 box of fish delivered for £56 anywhere on the UK mainland.

Beginning in Peterhead, the fish they bring to customers is brought directly by the Milne family at auction and hand filleted to be as skinless and boneless as possible.  The fish is caught, landed, prepared and frozen within 8 hours in Peterhead.

They’ve opened a new shop in Rose Street, Aberdeen and also take online orders.

Some dishes I’ve made from fish are:

[gmc_recipe 11560]

[gmc_recipe 10911]

[gmc_recipe 11605]

Good Luck to all.









195 thoughts on “Giveaway: Scottish Fish Delivery Worth £67 – Straight to your door from Delish Fish.

  1. I love fish, look forward to tasting a quality slamon for a change

  2. I love plaice or salmon

  3. I’ve entered and I love salmon the most although being from the same town as Delish Fish I love a lot of types of fish 🙂

  4. I have entered – i love seabass

  5. entered, favourite fish is lemon sole

  6. I have entered. Salmon is my fav fish.

  7. I’ve entered the competition and have to say that my favourite fish is smoked haddock, love the stuff!

  8. I’ve entered. Love lemon sole

  9. I’ve entered, love salmon

  10. I love Cod!

  11. I have entered. My favourite fish is monkfish

  12. I love fresh salmon!

  13. Tuna steak is amazing 🙂 I’ve entered, hope I’m lucky x

  14. My husband is pescatarian so we eat a lot of fish and our favourite is Monkfish

  15. Entered – my favourite is Monkfish

  16. I’ve entered and love salmon

  17. Sebass is my fav, but really like monkfish too.

  18. I love a nice Haddock, and living by the sea means we can get it fresh.

  19. I have entered & my fav fish is Tuna Steak!

  20. I love most types of fish but my favourite is mahi-mahi

  21. I like sea bass

  22. Salmon is always a favourite in our house.

    I have also followed and tweeted as @theonlybonster

  23. Gotta be Salmon!! 🙂

  24. I love salmon but enjoy river cobbler too,would love to win this i love experimenting with fish

  25. I love salmon dishes but always think I should try a few different types of fish.

  26. I love salmon 🙂

  27. I was never a fish lover growing up but as I am getting older I am trying to try more fish. Also in the hope I can get my children to enjoy fish so this would be fantastic. Also my stepdad really loves fish and I am sure he would come up with some amazing meals with this prize. I have entered

  28. I love salmon as it is so versatile

  29. I love lemon sole!

  30. tuna, entered

  31. Entered.I like lemon sole

  32. i love most fish, especially tuna

  33. Fantastic competition, my partner really really loves allsorts of seafood, especially salmon

  34. Lovely competition. I love fish. Thanks.

  35. I love mackerel, haddock, lemon sole….most fish ;))

  36. entered 🙂
    has to be salmon, mum always used to do us salmon and cucumber sarnies on a sunday evening 🙂

  37. I love monkfish simply wrapped in parma ham, but enjoy all fish dishes 🙂

  38. Lemon sole – entered 🙂

  39. i have entered, my favourite fish is tuna

  40. I entered! Salmon is definitely my favourite- yum!

  41. I have entered, seabass is amazing 🙂

  42. All fish but Salmon especially.

  43. I love all fish – from Smokies for breakfast to varieties of shellfish for a light supper. My favourite has to be Sea Bass – I really love the texture and flavour

  44. I have entered and I love salmon 🙂

  45. Love them all but lemon sole got to be favourite

  46. I have entered! Salmon has to be one of my favourites as it is so versatile and delicious, and healthy to boot!

  47. I have entered the competition, and my favourite fish is seabass.

  48. I have entered. My favourite fish is monk

  49. Salmon <3

  50. My son’s favourite is salmon. He could eat it every day!

  51. I’ve entered, and the sole is my favourite.

  52. I love haddock

  53. I have entered – Sea Bass is my favourite fish

  54. i have entered and i love salmon 🙂

  55. entered – I love haddock

  56. Entered. The salmon would be great.

  57. Entered. The salmon would be great.

  58. I have entered this amazing competition and my fav fish has got to be pink salmon!

  59. I’ve entered and I’d love some salmon

  60. I love Lemon Sole, it is a wonderfully light and nourishing fish. Can be served in different ways and, after my hospital cancer treatment it was one of the few foods I could eat, poached in milk with a little butter, that helped me build my strength back up. (I actually love eating all fish – hardly eat meat)

  61. Hi! I’ve entered … and my favourite fish is mackerel.

  62. Love salmon but itching to try monkfish

  63. I have entered. My favourite fish is John Dory

  64. I like cod and haddock equally.

  65. I entered and I love Salmon the most. Salmon Fishcakes are delish <3

  66. i have entered. i love salmon

  67. I have entered.

    My favourite fish is Trout.

  68. I love monkfish when I can get it.

  69. Entered – I love all fish but especially salmon. Never had monk fish though 🙂

  70. I’ve entered and my favourite fish is haddock

  71. Hmm lemon sole!! With love, Faye x

  72. Cod

    Please put me into the draw – thank you xx

  73. LEMON sOLE

  74. Mussels – very unattractive to look at but truly delicious to eat x

  75. Mackerel yum

  76. Lemon Sole

  77. I’ve entered the giveaway 🙂

    my favourite fish is tuna

  78. Lemon sole

  79. Love all fish but my favourite is salmon.

  80. I’ve entered 🙂 Don’t have a fave fish for eating though!

  81. I love salmon (and I have enteref the giveaway 🙂 )

  82. oh yes l have entered……..and my favourite fish is SALMON

  83. Lemon Sole and I have entered the giveaway

  84. I’ve entered. I love Lemon Sole!

  85. I love salmon,have entered

  86. have entered, Lemon Sole being my favourite

  87. I’ve entered, and my favourite fish is salmon

  88. I love Salmon.

  89. Love Skate

  90. Ive entered and id love some monkfish

  91. there isnt many fish i dont like but tuna is my favourite

  92. I love lemon sole – its delicate taste is my al time favourite fish.

  93. The delicate taste of lemon sole is my all time favourite.

  94. Just the thing to give my diet, a nudge in the right direction.

  95. Thanks for introducing me to @delishfish

  96. entering! and cod i think- the classic.

  97. I’ve entered! My favourite is definitely lemon sole.

  98. Favourite fish- tough choice, but I will go with Hake

  99. Ah this is the plaice to put my comment. I didn’t want to pull a muscle, so I would haddock a guess my favorite fish is Sea Trout. I have entered.

  100. Ah this is the plaice to put my comment. I didn’t want to pull a muscle, so I would haddock a guess my favorite fish is Sea Trout. I have entered.

  101. I have entered and my favourite fish are prawns and tuna x

  102. I’ve entered, my favourite fish is Haddock

  103. My favourite fish is trout

  104. i love most fish and shell fish my favourite is salmon or cockles i would be extremely happy if i won this prize as i have heard good things about Delish fish 🙂

  105. Salmon!! Any time. Cant live without salmon 🙂

  106. I love salmon and prawns but when I was on holiday I tried a few fish that I had never tried before and one was Orange Roughy which was delicious.

  107. Freedom Salmon for sure – salmon always has a fab taste 🙂

  108. I entered! The mussels are my fave, mmm!

  109. Of the three I love monkfish, but I can’t resist a sticky chilli salmon either!

  110. Monkfish

  111. Entered- salmon is my fav

  112. Monkfish yum!!!

  113. Entered! My favourite is salmon, I could eat it all day!

  114. the lemon sole

  115. I like Monkfish and Ling

  116. Scottish salmon, yum yum

  117. My favourite is salmon.

  118. LOVE Lemon Sole. I have entered.

  119. Salmon is definitely the favourite in our house i think my eldest little girl likes it mainly because of the colour lol 🙂 but it tastes delicious and is so versatile!

  120. I adore lemon sole

  121. I love haddock and pollock

  122. Love smoked haddock

  123. have entered your fab giveaway, love smoked haddock

  124. Great giveaway, I don’t eat fish myself but my hubby and kids love it. My hubby is a big fan of Salmon.


  126. I love fresh tuna

  127. entered – sole 🙂

  128. entered and smoked haddock for me

  129. I’ve entered. My favourite is fresh tuna.

  130. I love fish and I eat Tuna regularly

  131. Luv Dover & Lemon Sole

  132. I have entered and my favourite fish is yummy salmon

  133. Hi, I have entered. My favourite fish is lemon sole and salmon.

  134. Monkfish

  135. Monkfish 🙂

  136. Haddock is my favourite, I love the firm flaky texture and mild taste

  137. I have entered and my favourite fish is salmon! Lovely prize thank you 🙂

  138. Lemon sole is my total favorite

  139. I have entered. Salmon is my favourite fish. In fact we are having it this evening with sweet chilli sauce…

  140. love salmon fillets! thanks x

  141. I’ve entered! My favorite is salmon

  142. My fave fish is cod.

  143. Lemon Sole. Have entered

  144. Lemon Sole. Have entered

  145. fish is my favourite, have it at least 3 times a week

  146. I have entered. One of my favourite fish is smoked haddock

  147. Boring I know but has to be Haddock! But tuna is just as nice!

  148. I’ve entered – I love Salmon

  149. Love scampi

  150. I like fish

  151. Dover Sole is my favourite

  152. I love fish, plain old cod is my fave!

  153. Salmon and I have entered the Giveaway..thank you

  154. Entered, my fave fish is smoked haddock xxx

  155. Thanks for the giveaway, I love Salmon

  156. I’ve entered, and my favorite fish is Salmon

  157. Salmon – entered

  158. I have entered. Lemon sole is my favourite.

  159. entered, def the mussels

  160. I have entered, and Salmon is my favourite.

  161. Just LOVE fish!

  162. I entered. Lemon sole is my favourite but I am also excited by the challenge of cooking monk fish which I have not tried before

  163. I entered. Lemon sole is my favourite but I am also excited by the challenge of cooking monk fish which I have not tried before

  164. I have entered. Huss is my fave fish

  165. I have entered & my fav fish is Tuna Steak!

  166. Cod is my favourite fish .

  167. I’ve entered & my favourite fish is Haddock

  168. I love salmon

  169. Trout, probably, although any meaty fish covered in coconut with a pineapple and chili salsa works well.

  170. I have entered, I love Salmon 🙂

  171. I’ve only ever really tried Cod and Haddock and other similar white fish, but I’d love to try different ones!

  172. from the prize box monkfish, but overall I love shell fish or a good piece of haddock

  173. Salmon or Tuna (not canned !!) are my favorite but generally like all fish… 🙂

  174. Salmon is my fave, thanks for the comp.

  175. Monkfish

  176. lemon sole is a favourite in our house – many thanks for the competition – would love to win!

  177. Of the fish in the prize it would be Monk fish, but I also like a really large Kipper and Rainbow Trout

  178. I love lemon sole

  179. I have entered – Love Salmon but would love to try a Monk Fish Recipe too

  180. I love Red Snapper

  181. I love Red Snapper

  182. I’ve entered! And salmon for me. If it is smoked – all the better!

  183. I have entered – I love lemon sole!

  184. Love fish, we should all eat more as the oily fish are especially good for our healthy

  185. I love haddock and lemon sole. The smell of Aberdeen harbour reminds me of going home. I grew up on an Aberdeenshire croft. When I went away to uni in Stirling and then work, I used to drive past the harbour on the way home. The smell of the fish meant I would be home soon!

  186. King clip is my favourite, closely followed by seabass and monkfish!

  187. Salmon

  188. salmon fab fish

  189. I like most fish – haven’t found one I don’t like but there may be one eventually. We eat lots of salmon but I’d love to splash out on halibut.
    Comp entered.

  190. Wow! Love fish and trying to get my son to try more different kinds.

  191. I’ve entered. I do especially like salmon, but I’m keen to try more fish.

  192. Lemon Sole and I have entered the giveaway

  193. Yum! Sounds delish indeed!

    I’m a fish lover myself as is my mini me, but alas he is of the “must be breadcrumbed or battered” when it comes to most fish. I love it non battered baked in tin foil in lemon juice with some paprika etc… Ooh now I’m Hungry!

  194. I love tuna

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