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The Great Family Road Trip – My Scottish Favourites

Tesco Magazine asked bloggers for our favourite recommendations for the best places to visit, eat and stay around the UK.  As we’re mobile with our own home from home, we tour around Scotland regularly and there are always lots of things to see and do in our local area.  We don’t have much in the way of the big commercial campsites that England has, but we do have fabulous scenery and great things to do.

There are lots of well located campsites that anyone can visit, and with great facilities.  It always pays to check out the reviews before we visit anywhere to make sure we’re happy with where we plan to sleep, so helping out with this campaign to build a road trip interactive map is a welcome new initiative for me.

Here are my tips for some great places up in Scotland to visit.  It’s lovely to see my tips published on the Tesco Magazine website and I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute some of our favourites from our neck of the woods.

Deer 1

A road trip brings memories from us all of great holidays, the open road and taking things easy, but it isn’t always easy to know where to go and visit.  Tesco Magazine is pulling together the best of places to eat, stay, visit, woodland trusts, events and local producers to help us all decide.

To find great places to go around the UK, visit the Great Family Road Trip pages to find out about locations around the UK as it grows.  You can even add your own favourites on the map as well as download maps and facts.  Recommendations from people we trust are a good way to help us plan where we go and what we do.

There is even a kids corner which has games and pictures to download and keep the kids entertained in the car while you travel.

Why don’t you get involved?  We did.

4 thoughts on “The Great Family Road Trip – My Scottish Favourites

  1. what an honour, nicely written. may need to take some of these on board when we go back up north.

    1. There are soo many nice places in Scotland to visit. Most are quiet places if you are camping, but it depends on what kind of holiday you like really. Thank you x

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