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Silent Sunday – 09 June 2013

Aberdeen Beach





40 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 09 June 2013

  1. Out and about making the most of the good weather. Great photo it makes me want ice cream!

    1. Ice cream is always good…

  2. Beautiful! Almost like a painting! 🙂

  3. Great pic! Looks a lovely day!

  4. I know that sight, although the last time we were there, we were almost among the clouds.

  5. What a gorgeous shot. Been loving the weather this week – long may it continue!

  6. Looks like a beautiful day! I love Silent Sundays like this because they make me want to know more!! x

  7. I’d love to be beside the seaside but had to settle for the garden today.

    1. Considering how close we are, we really should go more often.

  8. We’ve been there before! My cousin stays very close to it too. Great place to visit.

    1. I think Balmedie beach is much nicer as the main beach is a pain for traffic and parking nowadays. We walk along the prom but rarely go to the sand at the beach front I have to say.

  9. Beautiful Scotland, I can see you had some sun too – great photo.

    1. We had some sun during the week, but it’s been a sun free weeekend sadly.

  10. Whereabouts in Scotland is it? Looks very tranquil.

    1. It’s Aberdeen just opposite the funfair. Balmedie beach is nicer though.

  11. I dont think we appreciate just how beautiful Scotland is, but when you see scenes like this with blue skies then it makes you realise how fortunate we actually are

    1. It is easy to forget as we live here and so close to some lovely scenery in the highlands too. I must learn to photograph more of it.

  12. What a beautiful view!

  13. A beautiful summery view.

    1. We don’t get the sun often, but it’s fab when we do.

  14. Love the sea 🙂

    1. We’re lucky to live so close to it.

  15. That is absolutely stunning!

  16. Fabulous shot – look at that blue sky 🙂

    1. I know, we don’t see blue sky that often here in the “warm” months.

  17. Lovely view out to sea, can almost smell the salty air! Where did you take the shot from?

    1. We were at the top of the ferris wheel. It’s a bit boring for them, but a great view on a nice day.

  18. That looks lovely although perhaps a little windy?!

    1. It was a bit breezy, we were up on the ferris wheel.

  19. Beautiful! The weather has been amazing recently!

    1. Thanks, we don’t get nearly enough sun up here.

  20. This picture reminds me it’s summer

    1. It is, but I wish we saw more of it than we do.

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