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R.I.P Lady Thatcher

Downing Street S1

Driving along Union Street we were faced with board after board after board with the huge letters instilling fear into everyone who had taken out a mortgage in the last few years. Suburbs became festooned with placards stuck into grass, onto windows, and at the end of roads.

“For Sale”

As a young adult, the Thatcher years meant that the first home I bought rose so much in the cost of the badly advised endowment mortgage of the time that I had to sell it at a loss as I couldn’t keep up the payments on it AND afford to pay for heat, light and food too.

I became very anti the Thatcher Government politics of the time. The only thing they did controversially that I approved of was the poll tax which they bailed out on.

As a party, they decimated the working population, but let’s not kid ourselves that they did it alone. Or even worse, blame it all on one woman as the figurehead.

The ruling classes have claimed power again and again, and they all blame it on the party that’s gone before.

She’s been out of power for 20 years, but the other parties didn’t change what was started, although they’ve had 2 decades since to change our country and it’s economic direction.

It’s not her fault that the bankers messed up or that the government bailing them out left the small people as the biggest losers yet again. That’s all down to greed.

She’s a woman with a family and yes, her party made what I think was a mess, but we can’t take away the determination, the brain and the respect that the woman commanded.

I didn’t like her party politics, but blaming her for all the ills of the UK is just plain wrong. She’s passed on and no doubt left a massive gaping hole in her family.

As to the ceremonial funeral, if they plan to give that to all Prime Ministers, I’d find that easier to take. As it is I struggle with it, but the decision has been taken and I hope her day passes with as little malice as possible. We all make mistakes and perhaps it’s time for people to stop blaming her for everything that’s gone on in the UK for the last 30 years.

R.I.P Lady Thatcher. I wish you a peaceful day and hope your family are allowed to mourn without hated.

6 thoughts on “R.I.P Lady Thatcher

  1. How refreshing to read an honest but respectful post on the matter. Thanks

    1. I think the negative brigade went too far, but everyone is entitled to an opinion I guess.

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