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Gorgeous Red Cranberry and Cherry Sauce Recipe

Cranberry Sauce

How to make cranberry sauce is something I have wondered for a while.

I wanted to try something different, and visiting Cosco saw me pick up a box of fresh cranberries that I fancied using to make a sauce for Christmas Day. I’m pleased to say it was easier than I expected to do, and it’s a recipe that I will probably make every year now. I would however, make it in far less quantities than I’ve ended up with as it is just to go with turkey trimmings.

I intend to freeze some tonight to see how it holds up when it’s defrosted at a later date.

[gmc_recipe 9529]


3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Red Cranberry and Cherry Sauce Recipe

  1. This looks amazing! I’m going to try it. Ax

    1. Sorry, first attempt was completely wrong to the wrong post. If you tried it, hope you liked it. We really really did.

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