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Baker Days – Letterbox Cake Review

Baker Days sent us an early Christmas cake to review.  It came speedily, and in the form of a quirky letterbox cake.  It is perfect for small occasions, or when you want to send someone something a little special, but also know they won’t be able to answer the door for it.

There is an outer white box, which holds a cake inside a neatly made tin.

Our box also had a lovely little cracker and leaflets telling us about Baker Days.

Cakes are personalised and you can add your own message to them.   Ours simply said, Happy Christmas to the Scottish Mum Kids.

There are a few different recipes that you can choose from, and as a carrot cake loving family, we really had to stick to what we like best.  There are also options for plain sponge or for double chocolate, along with fruit cake, and even a gluten-free version.

I was quite surprised when I cut it up, that I naturally cut it into 8 pieces.  Not huge pieces obviously, but just enough for everyone to have a decent bite of cake.  It’s a perfect solution to send someone a little gift if you can’t get there for a special occasion.  I was also surprised that the cake was so moist.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but we loved it.  Although these cakes fit through the letterbox, they do also do larger versions, so give them a look if you are thinking of party cakes too.   With almost every type of occasion covered, I  like the fact that I can use the personalisation tool and see how it would fit on my cake of choice.

I do think it’s quite a lot of money for cake, but I was happy with the ability to send it, so I’ve just ordered one to be sent to my dad who starts his chemotherapy this week, with a prescription of cake portions.

It sure beats sending him a get well card.   There was also a delivery charge, so the small cake cost £17.98 to send in total and I could also pay by Paypal which is very important to me when I buy from smaller website businesses.

I’ve just bought one after trying it, so I guess I could say that it was a very successful review for me, and it is a bit of putting my money where my mouth is.





2 thoughts on “Baker Days – Letterbox Cake Review

  1. Gorgeous looking cakes and not too expensive either.

    1. I would never have thought of a cake for a gift, but it’s actually a really good idea

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